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The Robert the Bruce

This pub is a former Methodist Church.

81–83 Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway, DG1 1DJ

This pub is named after one of Scotland’s best-known kings. It stands near the site of Greyfriars Monastery, renowned as the scene of the 1306 murder of Sir John Comyn, by Robert the Bruce.

A plaque documenting the history of The Robert the Bruce.

The plaque reads: The building formerly comprised the facades of the former Methodist Church (Category A Listed Building) with a gap site adjoining the Church (formerly the Church Hall). The remains of the former Methodist Church have been re-integrated along with the construction of a new roof and cupola in the original manner. The exterior of the building has been recently stripped of paint to enable the existing sandstone walls and columns to dry out under natural conditions. Prior to the refurbishment works, the remains of the façade had been left derelict for approximately 15 years without adequate protection causing sandstone to be saturated by rain water and the paint to flake due to the resulting deterioration. The drying out period for the sandstone has been estimated at approximately 8 years and there is no alternative short term solution. However, eventually we hope to bring back the original painted façade to the building.

Internal photographs showing the original features of the Methodist Church.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

If you have information on the history of this pub, then we’d like you to share it with us. Please e-mail all information to: