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The Pear Tree

This pub is closed permanently. Your nearest Wetherspoon pub: The Elizabeth of York

Kings Heath began as a scattering of cottages around the Cross Guns Inn. Dating from the 18th century, the inn was also known as The Pear Tree – which grew in front of the pub.

A photograph and text about High Street.

The text reads: There was a worldwide depression on in 1930 but this section of High Street seems to have its fair share of shoppers. Note there a several cyclists but not a car nor traffic warden in sight, bliss!

Prints and text about settlement and development.

The text reads: The Kings Heath district dates from the 18th century. Until then it was largely unoccupied wasteland with ancient woods. This wasteland was called Kings Heath as it was part of the ancient Royal Manor of King Norton, which in the reign of Edward the Confessor was held by Earl Edwin. The earliest known reference to Kings Heath is recorded several centuries later, in 1511.

Photographs of trams and passengers.

A print of Canal Bridge at Millpool Hill.

A print of the old corner shop.

Prints of Kings Heath Railway Station.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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