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The Soloman Cutler

Discover the history of Birmingham’s canals.

Birmingham >

The Dragon Inn

This pub is influenced by its location - the Chinese Quarter.

Birmingham >

The Figure of Eight

This pub stands close to one of the canals which form the figure of eight.

Birmingham >

The Square Peg

Rather than an historical event, the naming of this pub derives from a comment.

Birmingham >

The Spon Gate

This pub is named after one of the 12 gates in Coventry’s city wall.

Coventry >

The Flying Standard

Discover the history of the famous car.

Coventry >

The Earl of Mercia

Who was the Earl of Mercia?

Coventry >

The Briar Rose

This building was once home to Commercial Union Assurance.

Birmingham >

The Avion

This pub was originally the Avion Super Cinema.

Aldridge >

The Pear Tree

This pub is closed permanently.

Kings Heath >

The Black Horse

This pub is one of the largest and finest examples in the country of a Brewer’s Tudor-style public house.

Northfield >

The William Tyler

This building was originally constructed in 1955 on the site of what was once the gardens to a property known as The Shrubbery.

Yardley >

The Moon Under Water

Take a look at old photographs of Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre.

Wolverhampton >

The White Swan

Discover the history of Solihull.

Solihull >

The Bloxwich Showman

This pub is a former cinema.

Bloxwich >

The Royal Tiger

This pub tells the story of the ‘Curly Wyrley’, but not the chocolate bar!

Wednesfield >

The Clifton

The original Clifton cinema was classed as a super-cinema.

Sedgley >

The William Shenstone

This pub is named after a gardener who was at the forefront of the movement away from classical landscaping to the romantic style.

Halesowen >

The Malthouse

This pub was once a cinema, which was so cramped that part of the film overlapped onto the ceiling!

Willenhall >

The Billiard Hall

This former snooker and billiard hall was built for Willie Holt, the billiard table manufacturer.

West Bromwich >

Abraham Darby

Discover the history of Brierley Hill, along with its famous industrial pioneer.

Brierley Hill >

The Bellwether

Discover the history of Wednesbury.

Wednesbury >

The Pump House

Joseph Wood’s petrol station once traded on this site.

Solihull >

The Waterfront Inn

This pub is built on the site of the Round Oak Steel Works.

Brierley Hill >

The Charlie Hall

Discover the history of Erdington.

Erdington >

The Hornet

Read about one of the oddest cars ever seen, the Gyrocar.

Birmingham >

The Britannia

Britannia is the personification of Britain, usually as a helmeted woman with shield and trident.

Rowley Regis >

The Sir Henry Newbolt

This pub is named after someone best remembered for his volumes of ballads and lyrics.

Bilston >

The Court of Requests

This pub still has the original cells – you best behave here!

Oldbury >

The Full Moon

Discover the history of Dudley.

Dudley >

The Elizabeth of York

Read about the history of Moseley and some of its famous figures.

Moseley >

The Mare Pool

Dive in to this pub’s history!

Mere Green >

West Midlands

Acock's Green >

The Bottle of Sack

Did you know sack was the fashionable drink of the Tudor gentry?

Sutton Coldfield >

The Bishop Vesey

Did you know the first thread of cotton ever produced by mechanical means was spun in Sutton Coldfield?

Sutton Coldfield >

The Moon Under Water

This pub’s history is based on chain making, and it even has a giant chain on display!

Cradley Heath >

Abraham Darby

Discover the history of Brierley Hill, along with its famous industrial pioneer.

Birmingham >

The Chequers Inn

Read about the history of the Stourbridge Canal.

Stourbridge >

St. Matthew's Hall

In this pub you could discover the secret life of the ‘library after dark’.

Walsall >