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The Red Lion

Don't be scared by the ghosts that haunt this building!

Doncaster >

The Gate House

Discover the history of horse racing in the area.

Doncaster >

Sheffield Water Works Company

The sculpted heads of Greek and Roman water gods define this building.

Sheffield >

The Bankers Draft

How many pubs have a stables underneath them?

Sheffield >

The Benjamin Huntsman

Learn about the famous crucible steel-making process which made Sheffield famous.

Sheffield >

The Francis Newton

This pub is named after the Master Cutler, head of Cutlers.

Sheffield >

The Sheaf Island

A pub on the site of an old brewery? What could be better!

Sheffield >

The Old Market Hall

There are plenty of photographs in this pub showing the original Market Hall.

Mexborough >

The Horseshoe

This pub’s history explains how coal-mining was Wombwell’s main employer from the mid-19th century.

Wombwell >

The Joseph Bramah

Joseph’s surname was originally Bramma, but changed it on his way to London.

Barnsley >

The Silkstone Inn

This building was purpose built for the Barnsley British Co-operative Society, in 1960.

Barnsley >

The Woodseats Palace

This pub is a former cinema.

Sheffield >

The Steel Foundry

This pub is built partly on the site of Hadfield’s Steel Foundry’s factory.

Sheffield >

The Rawson Spring

This pub can be classed as a watering hole… in more ways than one.

Hillsborough >

The Bluecoat

Bluecoat refers to the costume worn by the pupils at the schools.

Rotherham >

The Queens Hotel

This venue was originally built by John Smith’s Brewery in 1923 to provide accommodation and recreation for Doncaster racegoers.

Rotherham >