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The Angel Hotel

Dracula has strong connections to Whitby!

1 New Quay Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1DH

Situated on the harbour side, this is a long-standing local landmark. In 1893, it was an ‘old established commercial inn’. In 1823, it was ‘a posting and commercial house’. The Royal Mail coach to York left the inn every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The service had operated from The Angel since its inception in 1795. The Diligence coach (to Scarborough) and the Union coach (to Sunderland) also operated from the inn.

A photograph and text about The Angel Hotel.

The text reads: The Angel Hotel was the principal inn of old Whitby. It has been called The Angel, The New Angel and the Angel Inn but will always be known locally as ‘The Big A’. It was described in the 1878 Guide to Whitby as a “fine Hotel and Posting House” with Mr N Baldwin listed as the proprietor. As a posting house The Angel was unrivalled with its lifting in the 1878 guide stating “it is replete with all accommodation to commercial gentleman and private families”.

The Angel Hotel was a coaching house from 1795. In 1823 the coaches running from Mr Yeoman’s at The Angel were listed as The Royal Mail coach, Whitby Neptune to York, the Union Coach to Guisborough, Stockton and Sunderland and Diligence to Scarborough. One of the last coaches to run in Yorkshire was the Guisborough-to-Whitby Mail which left from The Angel.

The Angel Hotel is also the place where, on Friday 6 May 1832, a meeting was held to discuss the practicality of running a railway line from Whitby to either Stockton or Pickering. In another meeting later the same month, again in The Angel Inn, engineer George Stephenson recommended that the line ran to Pickering and the railway was opened in 1836.

A photograph of Angel Hotel.

A photograph of the new quay and Angel, c1910.

Text about Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The text reads: Dracula is an 1897 gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker and has strong connections to Whitby. In the story the Russian Ship, Demeter, carrying Dracula from Transylvania, runs aground at Whitby during a fierce storm with no crew and a cargo of silver sand and boxes of earth. In Mina Murray’s journal she describes the parish church “all full of tombstones” as her favourite place in Whitby.

A copy of the 17th edition of Dracula dated 1927, which was published by Rider & Co. London.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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