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Hamilton Hall

A ballroom or pub? It's hard to decide with all the elegant design features.

Liverpool Street Station, City of London, London, EC2M 7PY

Named after Lord Claud Hamilton, chairman of the Great Eastern Railway Company (1893–1923) which originally built Liverpool Street station. The pub is the former ballroom of the old Great Eastern Hotel.

A charcoal drawing entitled 'Liverpool Street Station – Entrance'.

This original charcoal drawing was created by James Allen. James studied Fine Art Printmaking at both BA and MA Level at Canterbury Christ Church University and received a Drawing Scholarship at the Prince’s Drawing School in Liverpool Street, London.

“The activity of the human form corresponding with architectural surroundings is the focus of my work. Encapsulated within this piece are subjects that show high levels of movement from the figure, working in conjunction with the buildings structural solidarity”. 

A charcoal drawing entitled 'Liverpool Street Station – Exit'.

An original charcoal drawing by local artist James Allen.

A charcoal drawing entitled 'Liverpool Street Station – Entrance'.

An original charcoal drawing by local artist James Allen.

A chandelier inspired by the building’s original design.

An original design feature on the ceiling.

The original design features on the ceiling and walls.

An internal photo from the top floor.

The original ballroom design features are clearly visible. They are regularly maintained. 

A modern print of Liverpool Street Station.

A modern mirror bar.

The design of this bar is based on the Liverpool Street Station building.

A plaque for Great Eastern Railways, in Liverpool Street Station.

Hamilton Hall is part of the Great Eastern Hotel ballroom – which was part of the railway.

External photo of the building – the hanging board.

External photo of the building – inside the station.

External photo of the building – front.

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