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The Pennsylvanian

Learn how William Penn founded Pennsylvania.

115–117 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 1AN

Pennsylvania is the American state founded by William Penn who, at one time, lived in High Street, Rickmansworth. Penn died in 1718 and was buried at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jordans, near Rickmansworth.

A photograph and text about The Pennsylvanian.

The text reads: Described as ‘Rickmansworth’s favourite son’, William Penn made a name for himself at home and abroad. He lived for a period in High Street, Rickmansworth, on a site now covered by Basing House. A plaque to his memory was unveiled there in 1951. The stone that was used comes from Penn’s house on the bank of the Delaware river in Pennsylvania. This was the colony he founded and modestly wanted to called Sylvania, but by royal command was forced to add his own name, and so creating Pennsylvania.

Penn died in 1718 and was buried at the Friends Meeting House, Jordans, near Rickmansworth.

The skyline presented on the wall in these toilets shows Pennsylvania today. It focuses on the City Hall, which is topped by an 11.3 metre, 27 ton bronze statue of William Penn, the tallest atop of any building statue in the world.

A glass etching of William Penn.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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