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The John Russell Fox

On display in this pub is an original intertype setting machine used by the Andover Advertiser.

10 High Street, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1NY
10 High Street is the former home of the Andover Advertiser, founded by John Russell Fox who produced the first edition at this address on 1 January 1858. The premises were rebuilt by the Fox family 10 years later, but, in the same year, a new proprietor took over. In 1876, the paper changed hands again, to James Charles Holmes. The Holmes family then ran the Andover Advertiser for 110 years, until 1986.

A print and text about Life Without Printing Ink.

The text reads: Front cover of an advertisement booklet called Life Without Printing Ink published by Shuck, Maclean & Co Ltd, c1920. This booklet included a series of coloured plates that featured artwork by artists including: W Heath-Robinson, John Hassall, H Bateman & Others which can be seen throughout The John Russell Rox.

One of the illustrations by Shuck, Maclean and Co Ltd, entitled Life Without Printing Ink – No Posters.

An advert for W Tasker & Sons’ engines and machines.

A photograph of the interior of one of the workshops at Tasker’s Waterloo Iron Works.

This is one of the original intertype setting machines used by the Andover Advertiser who previously occupied this building.

An Andover Advertiser stand.

A photograph of the sole remains of Andover’s Norman church, and arch from c1150 which was re-erected in the Upper High Street in 1845.

An old photograph of Andover.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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