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Autumn 2018

'What don't you like about free trade, Mrs May?'

Tim's Viewpoint

September 2018

Wetherspoon launches 500,000 new Brexit beer mats in its pubs

Opinion Special: Free trade deal will not hike food prices, argues Tim Martin

Tim's Desert Island Discs

Castaway Tim taken for a spin

James Delingpole podcast

Chairman Tim Martin chats with James Delingpole about pubs and people, Britain and Brexit

Trade Deals

JD Wetherspoon to offer more drinks from UK and non-EU producers and brewers across its 880 pubs in the run up to Brexit

VAT in the hospitality industry

The leading figures of the campaign to reduce VAT in the hospitality industry met with a number of senior MPs who support the pub and beer industries.

Big business has tried to fool the public...

Wetherspoon launches beer mat showing its support for UK fishermen and telling the public not to be duped by the claims of big business

The Wetherspoon Manifesto

Wetherspoon has placed 500,000 beer mats in its pubs with a hard-hitting message on Brexit to parliament.

Tim’s Viewpoint

Parliament can REDUCE food prices by AVOIDING a deal with the EU and voting to end tariffs

Tim Martin – ‘Wetherspoon food costs will go down if we opt for unilateral free trade’

Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has argued that his company will save 1.5p per pint or meal sold if the UK opts for unilateral free trade after leaving Europe.

Tim Martin – here’s how I see it post-Brexit

Propel Newsletter - Mon 27th Jun 2016

Default listing image

Wake up to Money debate

Tim Martin debates with the founder of Innocent Smoothies, Richard Reed.

The UK's fight for a Brexit is also the fight for our democracy

Written by Tim Martin, founder and chairman of J D Wetherspoon

EU Referendum Beer Mats

Pub company JD Wetherspoon has printed a new beer mat for its pubs with a message for George Osborne in the run up to the EU Referendum.

Tim's Viewpoint - I’m out for democracy

Will the UK be better off out of the European Union? Of course, says Tim Martin

Latest News from Tim's Brexit Pub Tour

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin is visiting 100 pubs to spread the word about the EU referendum.

EU Referendum Beer Mats

JD Wetherspoon has printed 200,000 beer mats for its pubs with a hard-hitting message in the run up to the EU Referendum.

Tim Martin on HARDtalk

On this programme, Tim explains his views in a no-holds-barred interview on why Brexit will increase democracy and prosperity and why immigration has helped Britain – yet more controls are needed in future.

Tim's Viewpoint

Laws and key decisions should be made by national parliaments and not by the non-democratic EU