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Allergen and nutritional information

If you’d like to view a menu PDF, this can be downloaded using the link below. Please be aware that all dishes are subject to availability in participating pubs.

Our allergen guides and dietary menus can be downloaded from this page. Scroll down to choose the relevant guide. Our allergen guides may vary from pub to pub – please take time to ensure that you download the correct guide for the pub you are visiting. We recommend reading the information below before using any of our allergen guides.


J D Wetherspoon attempts to provide as-complete-as-possible allergen information about its food and drinks products. Some dishes and drinks may not be available in all pubs. We require customers with specific food and/or drinks allergen needs to use the relevant guide to assist them with choosing items in Wetherspoon pubs.

Further nutritional information and dietary menus can be found in our ‘your choice’ menus, in pubs and on our website below.

Our staff cannot offer specific advice or recommendations beyond our published allergen communications. For further information, please contact our customer services team: 01923 477777 |


Our allergen guides highlight the 14 major allergens only. Our kitchens do not handle any products which contain lupin or peanuts; however, we do sell prepackaged peanuts from our bar.


Packaged products will not be covered in our allergen guide; however, you will be able to find allergen information on their packaging. Any drinks products not outlined in our guides may require customers to check packaging information on each product. Please ask a staff member to show you product packaging.


Our menu items are listed in rows on the left-hand side of each allergen table. If a menu item contains an allergen in its ingredients, a ‘Y’ is displayed on the menu row in the corresponding allergen column. The ‘Y’ indicates ‘Yes’ – that allergen is contained in the menu item. Many of our menu items can be ordered with a choice of sides. Where menu items offer differing side options, please check relevant allergen information for your choice of side dish, for example – chips, jacket potato or side salad.

Our menus may vary from pub to pub, so please look for the regional differences section for allergen information about specific dishes for the pub you are visiting.


Please read the relevant guide carefully before purchasing. We have assessed the allergens in the food and drinks we serve. Owing to the nature of our operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food or drinks will be completely free from any of the allergens stated in our allergen guides. Product specifications may change periodically – in the case of an allergen change, an allergen alert notice will be placed in the back of our allergen guides or on the bar, at the time of the alert.

Our allergen guide information is regularly updated to reflect the current content of our dishes – even if you have dined with us before, ingredients and specifications can change. Information in our allergen guides is correct at the time of print, unless a specific product allergen alert notice is issued.

England Scotland and Wales menus Autumn 2019
UK food and drink allergen guide Autumn 2019 Excludes ROI Northern Ireland and Airports V2 PDF Download
UK food and drink nutrition guide Autumn 2019 Excludes ROI Northern Ireland and Airports V1 PDF Download
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland menus Autumn 2019
ROI and NI food and drink allergen guide Autumn 2019 Excludes England Wales Scotland and Airports V1 PDF Download
ROI and NI food and drink nutrition guide Autumn 2019 Excludes England Wales Scotland and Airports V1 PDF Download
Airport Menus Spring 2019
Airport food and drink allergen guide Spring 2019 Excludes UK ROI and Northern Ireland V1 PDF Download