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St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate this saint’s day with a pint of Irish ale.

Why not head down to your local J D Wetherspoon to enjoy St Patrick’s Day with us?

On Friday 17 March, for St Patrick’s Day, our pubs will be serving Two Brewers Irish Red (4.5% ABV), from Dungarvan Brewing Company, as well as some classic Irish drinks.

Cormac O’Dwyer of Dungarvan and Fergus Fitzgerald of Adnams have collaborated to brew this beer especially for us at Adnams Brewery. It is copper-red in colour, with toffee and a subtle roasted note in the aroma, plus more toffee in the flavour, balanced by a pleasing herbal bitterness.

The brewers

Dungarvan Brewing Company is the epitome of the authentic family business. Brother-and-sister team Cormac and Claire and their respective spouses, Jen and Tom, have been brewing up a storm in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, since 2010.

As a keen homebrewer, Cormac O’Dwyer was always passionate about beers and ales. Meet-ups with other homebrewers, a keen eye and palate for new and world beers and the recession all played their part in driving Cormac to take a life-long interest to the next level.

Ten years ago, conscious of the growing appetite for craft beers in Ireland, Cormac investigated further the feasibility of a microbrewery in the seaside town of Dungarvan. In 2010, along with his sister Claire, brother-in-law Tom and wife Jen, he established the Dungarvan Brewing Company.

The brewery

The company today produces a range of craft beers and ales, with an impressive nine products in its portfolio.

Clearly apparent in the taste of each brew are the time, care, attention and quality ingredients which go into every cask. As head brewer, Cormac has forged a strong relationship with local suppliers – and the quality of the ingredients shines through with every mouthful.

Family business

The Dungarvan Brewing Company team possesses a diverse and complementary set of skills; these have seen the company grow its market share and make a very impressive mark on the craft beer-brewing scene.

This well-oiled family business is intent on introducing more great new brews to beer-lovers around the world. You will find Dungarvan Brewing Company’s beers and ales available not only across the island of Ireland, but also in France and Italy – with other export markets set to come on stream.


If you prefer, why not opt for a pint of Guinness (4.1% ABV)? You might well spot the accreditation plaque behind your local Wetherspoon bar, telling you that the pub has passed the brand’s own rigorous quality tests.

Also on offer is Magners Original (4.5% ABV). This premium Irish cider is crafted with the finest blend of 17 apple varieties, picked from orchards in Clonmel, Tipperary.

Finally, why not try Jameson Irish whiskey (40% ABV)? This blend of pot-still and fine-grain whiskeys is as versatile as it is smooth. Triple distilled and aged for a minimum of four years, this is the timeless whiskey which turned the green bottle into an icon.


Whichever Irish beverage you choose, we hope that you will enjoy a fantastic St Patrick’s Day. You can also join us on Saturday 18 March for the final weekend of the RBS Six Nations, as our pubs will be showing all of the fixtures; so, wherever your local is, you won’t miss out on the action.