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Wetherspoon News winter/spring 2023/24 edition

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Many untrue statements about Wetherspoon were made during the pandemic. Wetherspoon News sets the record straight.

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Items per page:
Razzle and dazzle in Newcastle as Geordies toast £18m milestone 09 Mar 2020 Charity
After 23 years on the go, Jo slightly slows 09 Mar 2020 People
Defib duo awarded for helping to save a life 09 Mar 2020 People
Let’s stay friends 20 Jan 2020 Events
Wetherspoon is to invest more than £200 million in its pub estate over the next four years 10 Dec 2019 Pubs and hotels
Wetherspoon News winter 2019 24 Aug 2021 Wetherspoons news
Wetherspoon News autumn 2019 24 Aug 2021 Wetherspoons news
Wetherspoon cuts the price of a pint in its pubs 05 Sep 2019 Events
Our hotels ‘highly rated by guests’ finds Which? 03 Mar 2019 Pubs and hotels
Tim Martin, Wetherspoon Chairman, appears on BBC's Question Time 03 Dec 2018 Events
'What don't you like about free trade, Mrs May?' 14 Oct 2018 Press release
Blooms away as dambusters pilot triggers Kirkby poppy downpour 30 Oct 2018 Pubs and hotels
Wetherspoon and CLIC Sargent celebrate our £16-million milestone 17 Oct 2018 Charity
Trade Deals 11 Sep 2018 Events
Wetherspoon launches 500,000 new Brexit beer mats in its pubs 07 Aug 2018 Events
Tim's Desert Island Discs 13 Aug 2018 Events
James Delingpole podcast 16 Aug 2018 Wetherspoons news
Trade Deals 12 Jun 2018 Events
VAT in the hospitality industry 09 Feb 2018 Press release
Top Employer UK 2018 09 Feb 2018 Awards
Chance meeting on train which led to 15-year, £15m journey 23 Feb 2018 Charity
PETA Vegan Food Awards 2017 26 Sep 2017 Awards
Pub histories: top five discoveries about our pubs 25 Jul 2017 Pubs and hotels
Your pint can help the community 26 Jun 2017 Events
£14 million raised for CLIC Sargent 26 Jun 2017 Charity
CLIC Sargent Wig Wednesday 2017 21 Apr 2017 Charity
The Flying Horse refurbishment 03 Apr 2017 Pubs and hotels
Take a look at three of our new hotels – in Grimsby, Aylesbury and Huntingdon 24 Jan 2017 Pubs and hotels
£13 million raised for CLIC Sargent 19 Dec 2016 Charity
Wetherspoon – national Power Brand 28 Nov 2016 Awards
Five craft drinks to enjoy this Guy Fawkes Night 01 Nov 2016 Events
Want to win a £50 gift card? Name our newest burger! 21 Oct 2016 Events
Top Five Spoon's Carpets 05 Oct 2016 Pubs and hotels
Foster’s presents: the Golden Pint 14 Oct 2016 Events
Happy hens and ethical eggs bring us RSPCA recognition 31 Oct 2016 Awards
7 Things You Never Knew About Gin 10 Aug 2016 New menu item
Lager Heritage 10 Aug 2016 New menu item
Design Feature – The Counting House, Glasgow 21 Sep 2016 Pubs and hotels
There’s only a week to go before we launch our new menu! 30 Aug 2016 New menu item
Can you beat Lenny the Lion? It's the spot the difference that’s defeated a nation! 03 Aug 2016 New menu item
Best bank holiday drinks 18 Jul 2016 Events
Wetherspoon airport pub named as best in the world 04 Jul 2016 Pubs and hotels
Tim Martin – here’s how I see it post-Brexit 27 Jun 2016 Press release
The UK's fight for a Brexit is also the fight for our democracy 20 Jun 2016 Events
The five best Wetherspoon dishes to eat during EURO 2016 17 Jun 2016 Events
EU Referendum Beer Mats 20 Jun 2016 Press release
Latest News from Tim's Brexit Pub Tour 03 Jun 2016 Press release
EU Referendum Beer Mats 31 May 2016 Press release
Curry Club: Something new? Vindaloo! 24 May 2016 New menu item
Tim's Viewpoint - I’m out for democracy 20 May 2016 Press release