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Wetherspoon News spring/summer 2024 edition

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Many untrue statements about Wetherspoon were made during the pandemic. Wetherspoon News sets the record straight.

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Items per page:
Burns' Week 06 Jan 2022 Events
Wetherspoon News Winter 2021 Edition 06 Dec 2021 Wetherspoons News
Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I and JD Wetherspoon announce 20 Year Deal to Supply the Pub Group’s Entire Estate 29 Nov 2021 Press release
November Deals now extended until Monday February 28 2022. 19 Nov 2021 Events
Good Beer Guide 2022 17 Nov 2021
Char-grilled chicken dishes 17 Nov 2021 Food
Christmas is coming – so give yourself a present 10 Nov 2021 Events
Winter food deals 09 Nov 2021 Events
Real-ale festival 21 Sep 2021 Events
Long Live The Local 17 Sep 2021 Events
Wetherspoon News Autumn 2021 17 Sep 2021 Wetherspoons News
Wetherspoon has been named ‘pub brand of the year’ in the National Pub & Bar Awards. 08 Sep 2021 Awards
Does Truth Matter? 20 Aug 2021 Wetherspoons News
Enjoy the taste of Tax Equality Day 12 Aug 2021 Events
Wetherspoon News Summer 2021 17 Sep 2021 Wetherspoons News
Club meal deals available all day every day 24 Jun 2021 Food
Top brands at sensible prices 17 May 2021 Drinks
Food offers 17 May 2021 Food
Try libations from yet more far-flung nations 17 May 2021 Drinks
Wetherspoon is set to invest an initial £145 million developing new pubs and upgrading existing pubs - creating 2,000 new jobs in the process 30 Mar 2021 Press release
Tim Martin warns vaccine passports would be ‘last straw’ for pubs 30 Mar 2021 Press release
Press release Monday 22 March 25 Mar 2021 Press release
Wetherspoon News Spring 2021 17 Sep 2021 Wetherspoons News
Social media scams 18 Mar 2021 Press release
Wetherspoon rated top for food hygiene 03 Mar 2021 Wetherspoons News