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Take a fresh look

• Food

Take a fresh look…

Customers can be assured of responsibly sourced

local ingredients
If you think that Wetherspoon’s menu is all about ready made pub grub, it is time to think again.
Behind the scenes, from the food-development team at head office to the pubs’ kitchen teams, who prepare and cook your food, Wetherspoon is proud to offer great-quality dishes using responsibly sourced products (local wherever possible) and many fresh, raw ingredients cooked in the pubs’ kitchens.

With numerous long-standing suppliers providing the fresh, often British or Irish, certified and sustainable ingredients, Wetherspoon’s dishes are cooked to order using quality, fresh produce.

Take a fresh look at Wetherspoon’s trusted suppliers and the ingredients which go in your favourite dishes.

All of Wetherspoon’s prime beef steaks (traceable from farm to fork) come from farms in the UK and Ireland, are matured for 28 days to ensure great flavour and texture, then seasoned by us in the kitchen with a steak-seasoning blend, before being freshly cooked to your liking.

All steaks are always fresh, never frozen, and are cooked to order from fresh, just how you like them, from pink to well done… or somewhere in between.

Foyle Food Group, a family-run business with more than 40 years’ expertise in the beef industry, has been supplying Wetherspoon for the past six years with beef steaks made from British and Irish beef.

Owned and run by the Acheson family since 1977, the company operates nine state-of-the-art facilities across the UK and Ireland, all of which are AA grade British Retail Consortium (BRC) approved.

Foyle has one of the strictest traceability systems in the industry, complying with legislative standards and sourcing from producers which are Red Tractor accredited or Bord Bia assured, so delivering the highest-quality beef steaks possible to Wetherspoon’s pubs and customers.

All pizzas are made using fresh dough (not premade), which is proved for the optimum length of time, to ensure a perfect, soft and airy pizza base texture, with a crisp crust. The dough is also dusted in polenta and stretched in the pubs’ kitchens.

Every pizza is handmade to order, hand topped with fresh, quality ingredients, freshly baked and hand finished. Sours are used in the dough recipe to create Wetherspoon’s unique sourdough, for a great well-rounded flavour and that perfectly crisp base.

The mozzarella used is made from traditional ingredients.

The tomato sauce used is sourced from Italy for an authentic flavour, using 100 per cent Italian tomatoes.

Made by experts Cirio, with more than 160 years’ Italian tomato-growing expertise in the Emilia-Romagna region, the tomato sauce which
Wetherspoon uses is enriched with a blend of Mediterranean herbs – for an authentic taste.

All of Wetherspoon’s burgers are always fresh, never frozen – and cooked to order, from fresh.

Using a specific flat-top grill set to the ideal temperature and perfect cooking time, Wetherspoon’s kitchen teams are experts in creating juicy, tasty burgers.

The beef burgers are all made using completely traceable,
Red Tractor-certified, 100 per cent British or Irish beef, sourced from the UK and Ireland.

Dunbia, a division of Dawn Meats, has been supplying those beef burgers to Wetherspoon since 2007.

The burgers are made to a bespoke recipe, unique to Wetherspoon, so cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

The patties are gently pressed to give a loose open texture, with a meaty bite, and are lightly seasoned with salt and black pepper to that unique recipe.

Dunbia is a leader in burger production, with a closed-loop supply chain, meaning that all of the British beef used in Wetherspoon’s burgers comes from its dedicated farmer suppliers.

It is then processed through its own processing facilities and delivered directly to Wetherspoon.

Unlike many competitors, the raw fish fillets (cod – or haddock in Scotland) used at Wetherspoon are freshly battered by hand and cooked to golden crispy perfection by the pubs’ kitchen teams.

First, the fish is dusted in flour, then soaked in Wetherspoon’s own-recipe batter, before being fried to perfection. Little wonder that fish and chips continues to be the company’s best-selling main dish.

All fish served at Wetherspoon’s pubs carries the blue fish ecolabel – assuring you that the fish has been sustainably sourced.

Wetherspoon is the largest pub chain in the UK certified to use the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel, giving customers the assurance that the fish used is environmentally sustainable and fully traceable.

Wetherspoon serves fish which has been caught by fishermen in fisheries which have been certified by the MSC standard as sustainable.