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Loo of the Year Awards 2022

Wetherspoon won numerous accolades at the Loo of the Year Awards

• Awards

The awards are aimed at highlighting standards of away-from-home washrooms.
Independent inspectors visit pubs’ toilets anonymously and judge them on a range of criteria, including décor and maintenance, cleanliness, accessibility, overall management and hand-washing and -drying equipment.

Wetherspoon won three national awards: Champions League Standards of Excellence Award, Corporate Providers Entries UK Winner and Market Sector Awards Hospitality.
In addition, it was named a national winner in the Scotland Accessible Toilet Entries (The Carrick Stone, Cumbernauld) and a national winner in the Ireland Accessible Toilet Entries (The Forty Foot, Dún Laoghaire).
It won a further two awards in the Republic of Ireland: Washroom Cleaner of the Year Award for its in-house cleaning team (Ireland) and national winner of the individual category entries (The Silver Penny, Dublin).
More than 820 Wetherspoon pubs across the UK and the Republic of Ireland also achieved high individual ratings, following visits from inspectors to judge their toilets.
Wetherspoon’s operations director, Martin Geoghegan, said: “We are thrilled to have won so many awards and recognition for our pubs’ toilets.
“We invest time and money, along with creating great designs, to ensure that we provide our customers with excellent toilets.
“The fact that independent judges have rated Wetherspoon’s pubs so highly, in terms of design, cleanliness and facilities, is very rewarding.
“We will continue to offer the best-possible toilets in our pubs.”

A list of awards won by Wetherspoon at the Loo of the Year Awards 2022 is below:

Market Sector Awards
J D Wetherspoon

National Winner
Scotland Accessible Toilet Entries
The Carrick Stone – J D Wetherspoon

National Winner
Individual Category Entries
The Silver Penny – J D Wetherspoon

National Winner
Accessible Toilet Entries
The Forty Foot – J D Wetherspoon

Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards 2021
National Winner
Ireland – In-House Cleaning Team
J D Wetherspoon

Corporate Providers Entries
UK Winner
J D Wetherspoon