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“The situation with regard to pubs has been widely misunderstood. For example, Professor Hugh Pennington, of Aberdeen University, has said, without scientific evidence, that pubs are “dangerous places to be” (Daily Express, 14 August). This sort of negative view about pubs may have been fuelled by inaccurate press headlines." - Tim Martin


Wetherspoon is launching its ‘Stay out to Help Out’ scheme on Tuesday September 1. It follows on from the success of the government’s Eat Out to Help Out. The scheme will see prices on a range of meals and drinks reduced from Monday to Wednesday until Wednesday November 11 at Wetherspoon pubs in the UK.


More than 700 Wetherspoon pubs across the UK will be offering a selection of meals (with a drink) at a lower price than the equivalent food from Tesco - as part of the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme.


Tuesday 21 July sees the opening of our newest pub, The Charles Henry Roe. Good luck to pub manager Tom and his team as they complete their final preparations.