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Calling all superheroes

All children’s meals are served with a drink and fruit option included. 

 Calling all superheroes! 
Wetherspoon’s activity sheets and children’s menus now have a superhero twist, featuring four characters, each with a separate personality, mission and superpower. To keep the little-ones entertained while you enjoy your meal, children’s sheets are available with puzzles, colouring activities and, now, easy origami. Next time you visit Wetherspoon, be sure to find the activity sheet

Award-winning children’s meals 

Wetherspoon was awarded ‘best children’s meals’ first place in the Out to Lunch league table (Soil Association) which judges 20 top family restaurant chains on family friendliness, healthy options, food quality, value, sustainability and ingredients’ provenance. 

All meals served with at least two of your five-a-day

Wetherspoon has pledged that every one of its children’s meals will be served with at least two portions of fruit or vegetables, with many meals containing more than this. In addition to fruit or vegetables included in each dish, all meals are served with a portion of fruit (apple, banana or a strawberry Bear Yoyo fruit snack) and a drink which also contains one of your five-a-day. Water is also freely available.
Ingredient, salt and calorie information

To enable parents to make informed decisions about meal choices, calorie and salt content (along with sugar content, where relevant) is displayed next to each meal. Parents can check the full nutritional information for all meals, including allergen and ingredient declarations, on each pub’s customer information screen.
Smaller and larger appetites 

Appetites vary considerably, depending on a child’s needs and age. That’s why Wetherspoon offers two meal size options: the first menu section is for ‘smaller appetites’, aimed at children aged two–six years, while the ‘larger appetites’ section is aimed at those six and over. 
Vegan and vegetarian options

Wetherspoon offers a range of meals suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This includes Quorn™ sausages and Quorn™ nuggets made from mycoprotein – a natural plant-based source of protein high in fibre and low in saturated fat. 

Quality ingredients

100 per cent British beef
Wetherspoon’s beef burgers are made with 100 per cent British beef – always fresh, never frozen. The beef is traceable from farm to fork, coming from farms which operate under the Red Tractor quality-assurance scheme which promotes best farming practices.
Free-range eggs 
All shell eggs used in Wetherspoon’s pubs are free-range eggs which are RSPCA assured, meaning that the hens laying the eggs are allowed ample space to roam as freely as they like, ensuring laying hens’ welfare. Any egg used as a product ingredient is also free range, for example in the batter used in the freshly battered fish and chips.

Sustainable freshly battered fish
Wetherspoon’s freshly battered fish is certified as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved. Fish and seafood labelled with this certification come from sustainable sources, helping to preserve the ocean’s ecosystems for future generations.
Wetherspoon’s chicken nuggets and chicken breast are always pieces of whole breast fillet, never formed or reformed. The chicken served in Wetherspoon’s pubs is purchased from approved suppliers. The chickens are cage free and have access to clean water, with their feed including sustainable soy.
The sausages served in Wetherspoon’s pubs come from farms with higher welfare standards. These are made in small-batch sizes by an independent and family-run business. 
Tomato cheesy pasta
This pasta contains 10 vegetable types and, in just the small bowl of pasta alone, accounts for two portions of a child’s five-a-day. The vegetables in this dish are aubergine, leek, red pepper, courgette, carrot, onion, spring onion, butternut squash, tomato and garlic. 

Children’s desserts 
Wetherspoon has worked closely with Beechdean and developed a small ice cream pot which contains 14.3g sugar. This falls below the Public Health England standard for a child for a single 120g portion of ice cream, so makes it a suitable treat for a child to enjoy. It uses Beechdean’s famous vanilla ice cream, swirled with raspberry sauce and topped with mini chocolate chips. The pubs also serve a portion of strawberries and blueberries for those seeking to add more of their five-a-day to a meal.

Children’s drinks
All children’s drinks contain no added sugars. The only sugar contained in these drinks are naturally occurring sugars from fruit. Wetherspoon offers Pip organic smoothie and Pip organic juice, both made using 100 per cent organically grown fruit and vegetables, with no added refined sugars and no added flavourings, colourings or sweeteners. Each carton provides one portion of a child’s five-a-day. All Wetherspoon pubs offer an unlimited supply of tap water for children and customers of all ages.