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Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Full allergen/nutritional information can be found on our menus, customer information screen, website and Wetherspoon app. While we have procedures for segregating preparation within meals and drinks, kitchen and bar service may involve shared preparation/cooking areas. If you have any specific food/drink allergen needs, inform us when ordering; we will take reasonable steps to prepare your meal safely, although cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment or products.

Vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, dishes under 5% fat and dishes under 500 Calories are indicated, with symbols, on the menu.

While we endeavour to ensure that our vegetarian and vegan meals have been prepared and cooked completely separately from any meat or fish products or their derivatives, we are not able to provide an absolute guarantee.

In addition, we are unable to guarantee the complete segregation during preparation and cooking of different meat products, such as beef and pork.

How can I find out information about allergens?

Full allergen/nutritional information can be found here, as symbols on our printed menus and on the customer information screens or ask at the bar, where staff can help, although cannot offer specific advice or recommendations beyond our published nutritional communications. 

We have risk-assessed our kitchens’ allergens; because of the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be completely free from these allergens. 

Is any of the meat you serve halal?

We source our meat from a variety of suppliers, mostly in the UK and Ireland. All livestock is stunned before slaughter, to ensure that the animals are insensitive to pain. All farmed seafood is stunned before processing. 

Animal welfare standards are integral to our sourcing requirements and are set out in our Supplier Charter.

No suppliers have been requested to supply us with halal-certified meat; we have no plans to introduce this requirement in the future. In addition, our meals are not prepared or cooked to a halal standard.