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International Craft Brewers' Showcase

Arcadia Brewing Company, USA

In 2013, we launched the International Craft Brewers’ Showcase, bringing around brewers from around the globe to our pumps each year.

Below, you can find the international beer currently featured in our pubs across the UK.

The beer:

Arcadia Session Pale Ale; 4.5% ABV

Tasting notes:

This refreshing golden beer has tropical citrus hop notes in the aroma and flavour, balanced by a soft, malty body.

The brewery:

The Arcadia Brewing Company was established in 1996 at Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. The first 25-barrel batch was brewed on a brick kettle brewing system from England, but every batch today is produced in a 50-barrel American-made brewhouse, at its Kalamazoo Riverfront Brewery.

The brewery won the World Beer Cup silver medal in 2007, the Great American Beer Festival silver medal in 2007 and the Great American Beer Festival gold medal in 2009.

The Brewer:

Tim Suprise, from New York, worked for five years in law enforcement, before a 10-year career in the pulp and paper industry, travelling the USA and overseas to the world’s paper mills.

Tim’s passion for locally made beers inspired him with the confidence to leave his job in 1996, when he established the Arcadia Brewing Company. He also serves the Michigan Brewers’ Guild as the co‐chair of the Government Affairs Committee.