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International Craft Brewers’ Showcase

Uiltje Brewing Company, Netherlands

The beer:

Mr Feathers, 4.9% ABV

Tasting notes:

Mr Feathers is red in colour, with generous quantities of American hops, offering impressive aromas and flavours, balanced by a smooth, malty background.

The brewery:

The brewery was established in 2012. In late 2015, it started building a new production brewery which was up and running by September 2016.

Based in Haarlem, the brewery is a 40HL 4-vessel system, with 11 fermenters, with a capacity between 30 and 120HL per vessel. It also has a barrel room, where it ages more than 300 rum, wine, whisky, gin, Bourbon, calvados and Cognac casks.

The brewer:

Roel started brewing in 2006, after moving to Australia with his wife. He worked for a number of breweries, including Feral Brewing Company, Little Creatures, Ironbank Brewery and MASH Brewing Company (all in Western Australia) during his time over there.

Roel moved back to the Netherlands in 2010 and was head brewer at Jopen Brewery, in Haarlem; then, after two years, he moved on to Brouwerij ’t IJ, in Amsterdam.

Roel decided to team up with Robbert Uyleman, with whom he had worked at Jopen Brewery. Robbert had been home brewing, but couldn’t keep up with demand. They decided to set up their own brewery: Uiltje.