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Bentspoke Brewing Co.

BREWER: Richard Watkins

INTERNATIONAL BREWERY: Bentspoke Brewing Co., Braddon, Canberra, Australia

BEER: Braddon Bitter (4.5% ABV)

HOST BREWERY (UK): Wadworth Brewery, Devizes



Richard has been brewing now for a little over 20 years, starting as an avid home brewer almost out of necessity, while at university, and then progressing to professional brewing some 17 years ago.

The opportunity to start his own brewery presented itself two years ago; so, together with his partner, Tracy Margrain, he jumped at the chance.

They draw inspiration from classic beer styles from around the world, as well as from local ingredients. They always try to bend the boundaries of traditional beer and are also very much guided by their knowledgeable customers.

Richard has twice been crowned Champion Australian Brewer.



Richard had always wanted to build his own brewery, so when the opportunity popped up, he jumped at the chance.

Richard and Tracy (trainee brewer, jack of all trades, as well as born and bred Canberran) have combined their passion for riding bikes and brewing beers.

The result: BentSpoke Brewing Co. Over the past two years, since its launch, it has been well supported by Canberra and has brewed more than 300,000 litres and over 50 types of beer.

The brewery has been awarded the Australian Hotels Association Best New Venue title.




For the festival, Richard is delighted to be brewing Braddon Bitter, a 4.5% ABV English-style bitter, brewed with a generous quantity of hops.

It is named after the Canberra suburb in which their brewery resides. Richard said: “This is my first time brewing for Wetherspoon, and I am really looking forward to working with such a well-regarded brewer as Wadworth.”