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Beyond Burger™

Our intrepid explorers have brought back, from Chicago, a plant-based burger

A tasting mission to the US has uncovered a truly tasty and innovative plant-based gem, thanks to members of our food-development team.

Discovered by our intrepid travellers on a trip to Chicago, a new burger has been added to our menu.

Produced by Beyond Meat®, our NEW Beyond Burger™ is designed to appeal to our growing fan base of carnivores and flexitarians who are looking for delicious, satiating plant-based protein… without the compromise. This burger contains no GMOs, no soy, no gluten or cholesterol.


Comprised of the same core parts as meat – proteins, fats, carbohydrates and water – the Beyond Burger is made using simple, plant-based ingredients. Peas provide the protein; beetroot provides the meaty red hue; coconut oil and potato starch offer mouth-watering juiciness and chew.

The producer, Beyond Meat, has a rapid and relentless approach to innovation, constantly improving and evolving its products to make them completely indistinguishable from their animal-protein equivalents.


Beyond Meat is on a mission to build meat perfectly from plants which tastes great, delivers the nutritional benefits of meat and is accessible and affordable to all. 

The commitment to health and nutrition is a key differentiator and sets the standard for plant-based meat. The products are made with simple, plant-based ingredients and are designed to meet, if not exceed, the nutritional profile of their animal protein equivalents.

Try our NEW Beyond Burger today – served as a classic burger, with chopped Cos lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion in a sour dough burger bun.

Here’s the science…

How does Beyond Meat rebuild meat without genetically modifying anything?

The question is answered by the company’s basic thesis that Beyond Meat sources the same building blocks as meat, yet directly from plants.

Using heating, cooling and pressure, the company creates the fibrous texture of meat, using plant-based proteins. Then, it mixes in fats, minerals, fruit and vegetable-based colours, natural flavours and carbohydrates – to replicate the appearance, juiciness and flavour of meat.

The company heard from its consumers that they are increasingly uncomfortable with genetically modified ingredients; this, in turn, has guided its ingredient choices as a consumer-driven brand. It has also found that these products are not necessary in building great-tasting, juicy plant-based meat.

While more difficult to accomplish by sticking to these guidelines, it is committed to perfectly building meat from plants without GMOs.

The company is not inventing new materials, just finding simple plant-based equivalents and assembling them in the architecture of meat.

That assembly is similar to the simple process used to make pasta – mixing the plant-based ingredients, compressing the mixture and then shaping it into the final product.

About Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Inc is one of the fastest-growing food companies in the United States, offering a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based meat.

Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat has a mission of using simple, plant-based ingredients, applied in fresh ways, to replicate the taste, texture and other sensory attributes of popular animal-based meat products, while offering the nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based proteins.

Beyond Meat’s brand commitment, Eat What You Love™, represents a strong belief that, by eating its portfolio of plant-based proteins, consumers can enjoy more, not less, of their favourite meals; by doing so, they help to address concerns related to resource conservation and animal welfare. Beyond Meat’s portfolio of fresh and frozen plant-based proteins is sold at more than 58,000 retail and foodservice outlets in more than 50 countries worldwide.