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Five summer breakfasts at Wetherspoon

From fresh fruit to smoked salmon, our wide range of breakfast options will give you plenty of choice this summer.

Our breakfast menu offers a range of choices – and if you want a lighter breakfast during these summer months, we have dishes for you, too.

1. Eggs Benedict

The perfect combination: a toasted classic English muffin, topped with British Wiltshire cured ham, free-range poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

This British classic has been a firm favourite on our menu since March 2012 – no wonder it’s topped the list.

2. Fresh fruit and organic Greek-style yoghurt with honey

Not only is this dish a fresh summer breakfast option, but it’s also a non-gluten dish, suitable for vegetarians and less than 5% fat (when served with the accompaniments listed on the menu).

At 385 Calories with yoghurt and honey (and only 200 Calories plain), our fresh fruit is a low-Calorie way to kick-start your day.

3. Smoked salmon, cream cheese & rocket bagel

Available on our breakfast menu (and also as a main meal from our Deli Deals), this smoked salmon bagel will give a delicious start to your day. The finest-quality salmon is filleted and cured, then smoked over oak for 8–10 hours, in a traditional Scottish smokehouse. The oak wood is chipped at the smoke house, giving the salmon its distinctive taste.

Our authentic New York-style bagels are under 2 per cent fat and prepared fresh to order. At 406 Calories, the bagel is also not a cheat on your diet!

4. Breakfast wrap

If you want a lighter version of our traditional breakfasts, this wrap has it all in one place. Our fried free-range egg, award-winning Lincolnshire sausage, bacon, hash brown and cheese are all inside one light wrap – perfect for that quick bite or a smaller appetite.

5. Eggs royale

We’ve put a twist on the breakfast classic by pairing the toasted classic English muffin, Hollandaise sauce and rocket with our smoked salmon.

Another light summer option, with a touch of luxury – served every morning at Wetherspoon.