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Katsu arrives on menu to curry favour

Beloved Japanese comfort food, with fascinating history, available in three varieties

The Japanese curry dish katsu, one of Japan’s (and now the world’s) most-beloved comfort foods, is arriving at Wetherspoon (2 November).
Pubs will be serving this brand-new curry dish on the main menu, in three varieties, and as part of Thursday’s Curry Club®.

The new katsu curries, served with curry sauce, coconut-flavour rice, sliced chillies and coriander, also include a soft or alcoholic drink* as part of the price.

Choose from NEW katsu chicken curry (with sliced breaded chicken escalope), NEW katsu grilled chicken curry (with sliced grilled chicken breast) and NEW katsu Quorn™ nugget curry, served with eight coated pieces.

Across Japan, curry is a hugely popular option at mealtimes and could possibly be considered a national dish. However, the origins of the dish are unsurprisingly not from Japan. It was, in fact, during the Meiji Restoration (1868–89) that curry was originally brought to Japan by the British from India.

Japan’s number-one English magazine, Metropolis, reveals: “Legend has it that a party of British sailors, shipwrecked off the Japanese coast, was rescued. They came ashore with their rations, which included curry powder.

“The Japanese navy, at that time, was in search of a way to feed its sailors and needed a cheap, filling option which could be cooked and served with ease. And so, the first Japanese curry recipe was born.” The most popular version of the Japanese curry in Japan, and now internationally, is the katsu curry, ‘katsu’ being a shortened form of ‘katsuretsu’ – meaning ‘cutlet’.

It is the perfect combination of deep-fried breaded chicken escalope (or sometimes served with pork loin), accompanied by white rice and a thick sweet and spicy curry sauce.

Originating in India, brought to Japan by the British, then exported by Japan back to Britain (and the world), katsu curry is soon to be served at your local Wetherspoon.