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We take a look at some of the temptingly tasty treats in our deliciously divine dessert range.

Our Madagascan vanilla cheesecake, with its crumbly digestive base and perfectly creamy vanilla topping, is made by London-based cheesecake specialist – the English Cheesecake Company.


It was launched in the late 1980s by friends Philip and Alan, two dessert fans with a passion for all things cake shaped, whose passion became their business.

Their obsession and ongoing quest for the ultimate of all sweet treats continue to this day, at their Cheesecake HQ!

This scrumptious dessert can be accompanied by your choice of sauce. Select either a fruit compote (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blackcurrant chunks) or a toffee sauce option.

Another offering is our cookie dough sandwich – two slices of chocolate-chip cookie dough with a rich salted caramel filling, warmed slightly to give a warm gooey sticky bowl of cookie dough goodness!


This is served with one scoop of our luxury vanilla ice cream, the ultimate heavenly combination of warm and cold working perfectly together and drizzled with lashings of toffee sauce.

Millionaire shortbread is everyone’s favourite sweet treat!

Wetherspoon has taken this winner just one step further and created a sundae version of this sweet classic – our millionaire sundae.


It combines lashings of toffee sauce and chocolate sauce, luxury vanilla ice cream and pieces of buttery crunchy biscuit throughout, complete with a chocolate wafer on top.

This great  millionaire sundae joins our popular knickerbocker glory and chocolate ice cream sundae to enjoy any day, including Sunday.