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Steak Club®

This Tuesday, enjoy our weekly Steak Club. Our variety of steaks and grills is served with a side of chips, peas, mushroom and tomato.

Our Steaks

Our steaks are matured for 35 days, the optimum period for extra tenderness, and then seasoned by us. The beef for our steaks is supplied directly through farm-assured schemes, meaning that cuts have full traceability and that exacting welfare standards have been met. We’re proud to carry the Quality Standard Mark, a symbol of our farmers’ adherence to standards higher than those required by law.

Aberdeen Angus rump steak

We cook your steak to your choice of rare, medium-rare, medium or well done. We also have two new combo options: you can now add a fried buttermilk chicken breast to your steak meal. Or, why not add three southern-fried chicken strips, served with a honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey? 

Menu options

Our beef steaks come from Britain and Ireland, are matured for 35 days then seasoned by us. With chips, peas, tomato, flat mushroom and a drink*.

8oz sirloin

Our specially selected prime sirloin is succulent and tender.

8oz rump

The most traditional and flavourful of steaks, taken from the end of the loin.

14oz Aberdeen Angus rump

For centuries, Aberdeen Angus has been regarded as arguably the most prestigious cattle breed throughout the world, renowned for producing beef of superior eating quality.

Chicken & rib combo

Chicken breast and a half rack of BBQ ribs, served with coleslaw and six onion rings.

Full rack of BBQ pork ribs

Served with coleslaw, six onion rings and chips

Mixed grill

Gammon, pork loin, rump steak, lamb and sausage.

Large mixed grill

As above, with an extra sausage, fried free-range egg and six beer-battered onion rings.

BBQ chicken melt

Chicken breast topped with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce.

10oz gammon

Two 5oz gammon steaks, topped with fried free-range eggs.

Skinny steak

Either the 8oz rump or sirloin, served with a side salad and dressing.

Have your meal served with any of the following sauces:

Honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
Stilton, Shropshire blue and spring onion
Crushed green and black peppercorn

*Choose a drink from our club range. See the club mat in your local pub for more details.