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Three lighter choices appear on our morning menu for spring

With spring almost upon us and winter (hopefully) a dim and distant memory, it is time for lighter mornings and evenings, lighter clothes and – with half a mind on that summer holiday swimwear prospect – perhaps lighter meal options.

Your local Wetherspoon has added three new lighter breakfast choices to our already-extensive morning menu – to start your day.

Our NEW smashed avocado bagel, at under 500 Calories (only 349 Cal), is a welcome alternative and is vegetarian, vegan and dairy free.

Made with a toasted New York Bakery Company bagel, it is stuffed with chunky guacamole, smashed ripe Hass avocado pear, chopped tomato, red onion and fresh coriander.

Also great for brunch or a light lunch, this tasty and healthy option may be ordered with the addition of a soft poached egg (still under 500 Cal) or bacon (510 Cal).

Low in fat, free from artificial colours and flavours, our New York Bakery Company bagels are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The original bagels are boiled and then baked, the real New York way, to give them that authentic taste and texture – a chewy outer layer, with a soft middle.

Also added to our breakfast line-up is NEW scrambled egg on toast, with three shell eggs and two slices of toasted bloomer bread, as well as NEW beans on toast – Heinz baked beans, also served on two toasted slices of bloomer bread.

Our large breakfast and traditional breakfast options, always firm favourites, are now available with a new ingredient.

You now have the option to add two slices of black pudding to any breakfast. Sourced from Scotland, black pudding has been on our Scottish pubs’ menus for more than 10 years and is now available everywhere.

Enjoy our traditional breakfast of fried egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, hash browns, tomato and a slice of toast, with the option of adding our NEW black pudding slices.

Gluten free

Our cooked-breakfast menu also includes a NEW gluten-free breakfast, comprising two fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushroom and tomato.

Other gluten-free breakfast options include fresh fruit on its own or fresh fruit and organic Greek-style yoghurt with honey, as well as our MOMA Porridge, all easy to identify as gluten-free choices on our new-look menu.

Whatever your menu choice, start your day the Wetherspoon way.

What is black pudding?

Black pudding is as old as civilization itself. Back through history, for as long as man has lived in communities and kept animals to feed and clothe himself, we have made some form of black pudding.

If you live in Spain or France, then your local black pudding is quite different from that produced in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland or Clonakilty, in Ireland.

However, the one similarity of various black puddings’ origins is that they have always been made with ingredients which are local and plentiful, as well as the key element which is common to all.

Whether it is black pudding from all corners of the UK and Ireland or its overseas cousins (including boudin and Blutwurst), it contains blood – most commonly pig’s blood.

After that, the French recipe might contain just fat and onion, as a filler; in Yorkshire, they add pearl barley; it is oatmeal in Scotland, naturally; it’s rice in Spain.

Participation may vary per pub.