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Sweet mercy: cut sugar, not taste, with our lo-cal options

Explore our fantastic range of low-Calorie and sugar-free drinks

You can enjoy our selection of great low- and lower-sugar soft drinks all year round, in the certain knowledge that we have sourced some of the best-available products around.

We have a fantastic range of low-Calorie and sugar-free drinks, including great-tasting cola and lemonade, to enjoy on their own or as a mixer.


Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max both offer maximum taste, with no sugar. At just 2 Cal in a 398ml (14oz) glass, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max both provide a fantastic diet cola option.

R White’s lemonade may not be an obvious diet drink of choice, since it doesn’t even call itself low-Cal, sugar-free or diet. 

However, did you know that the famous brand has just 8 Cal per 398ml (14oz) glass?

Robert and Mary White first produced R White’s lemonade and ginger beer in Camberwell, London, in 1845, and it remains just as popular and much loved today. It may be a low-Calorie option, but it still contains real lemons and is a great, refreshing drink.


NEW R White’s raspberry lemonade contains real juice, with all of the sweetness of fresh, plump raspberries, enhanced with a lemony zing. It is delicately sharp, deliciously fruity and has only 56 Cal in the 330ml can.

Old Jamaica diet ginger beer, with just 1 Cal in a 330ml can, packs a punch – without the sugar.

The UK’s number-one, full-on-flavour ginger beer brand has an unbeatable kick of authentic, fiery Jamaican root ginger and exotic flavours, inspired by the Caribbean. Original Old Jamaica ginger beer is also available.


Our J2O range provides an iconic adult soft drink with fruit, recently reformulated to offer a lower-sugar option, without compromising on flavour. The core J2O range, including Apple & Mango, Orange & Passionfruit and Apple & Raspberry, contains no more than 63 Cal per 275ml bottle.

Monster Ultra, at just 5 Cal per 250ml can, offers the great Monster taste, but a little less sweet, lighter-tasting drink, with zero sugar.

Last, but by no means least, a naturally sugar-free, 0 Cal option is our Strathmore spring water, available in still or sparkling (500ml bottle).