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Introducing Kombucha

Drink made from sweetened tea and ‘scoby’ is latest addition to our soft drinks range

Always looking to bring new drinks to our range and introduce different products from around the world, Wetherspoon is once again bang on trend.

We have added Australia’s number-one kombucha to our range of soft drinks.

Remedy Kombucha is a flavoured sparkling low-Calorie soft drink (25 kcal), with no sugar, naturally 100 per cent vegan and gluten free.

Imported from Melbourne, Australia, it is now available at Wetherspoon in both cherry plum and ginger lemon flavours.

Kombucha, a mildly fizzy, slightly sour drink, has become popular with the health-conscious and those seeking an alternative to processed fizzy drinks which are often loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Every batch of Remedy Kombucha is made the old-fashioned way, without compromise, taking time and using natural ingredients.

First, a very, very big pot of tea is brewed, using the highest quality green and black tea leaves, with their superior taste.

Next, a ‘mother culture’, the symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast (known as ‘scoby’), is added.

The brew is then left for 30 days, in a warm and calm brewing room, letting nature take its course.

The tea brew is transformed incredibly, by a natural fermentation process, into a living, cultured tonic.

Carefully selected seasonal fruits, roots and spices are then added to make the different flavoured varieties.

Never heard of it? Never tasted it before? Try Remedy Kombucha at your local Wetherspoon.


What is kombucha? It is a non-alcoholic drink made from sweetened tea and a specific culture, known as a scoby – which stands for ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’.

The healthy bacteria and yeasts convert the sugar into ethanol and acetic acid.

The acetic acid is what gives kombucha its distinctive sour taste.

If you are thinking that it is yet another new fad, think again. People around the world, particularly throughout eastern Europe and Asia, have been making and enjoying kombucha drinks for thousands of years.