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New low-alcohol and alcohol-free additions

BrewDog and Stella Artois options added to our range

A night out at your local Wetherspoon pub, while on the wagon, doesn’t have to signal an evening of soft drinks (although we do offer a great choice of those too).

For those opting to stay away from alcohol, whatever the reason, our low-alcohol and alcohol-free range has become even more interesting, with two new additions.

Also available in our low and alcohol-free selection are Heineken 0.0 (0.05% ABV), Beck’s Blue (0.05% ABV), Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime (0.05% ABV) and Adnams Ghost Ship (0.5% ABV), together with soft drinks including Remedy coconut water kefir passion fruit, Remedy kombucha raspberry lemonade, Remedy kombucha cherry plum, Lavazza iced cappuccino and J2O.


The punk scene just got sensible, thanks to the innovative Scottish brewer BrewDog and its NEW Punk AF (0.5% ABV, 46 kcal), now available at Wetherspoon.

BrewDog Punk IPA (5.4% ABV) was the beer which kick-started the craft beer revolution, with Punk AF being the next step in BrewDog’s desire to brew beer for every taste, for every occasion.


Brewed with eight hop varieties from North America, New Zealand and Europe, Punk AF lives up to its billing… in every respect.

Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy notes and a hit of resinous pine, all sitting on a solid foundation of four malts, while the bitter finish belies its ABV, providing the perfect retort to those who push alcohol-free beer devoid of character.

Hopped with Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin and then dry-hopped with Ahtanum, Cascade, Chinook, Citra, Huell Melon and Simcoe, it is full flavour, low alcohol, all Punk. This is how you break free from the taste free.

Stella Artois

NEW Stella Artois (0.00% ABV, 60 kcal) is an alcohol-free alternative from the world-famous Belgian brewery in the city of Leuven.

Sebastian Artois was admitted in 1708 to the Leuven Brewer’s Guild as a brew master. Only nine years later, he purchased the Den Hoorn brewery, founded in Leuven. Den Hoorn laid the foundation for the quality taste and standards for which Stella Artois is known.


Stella Artois Alcohol Free maintains the high quality and exacting standards of the original Stella Artois recipe, using all-natural ingredients – just without the alcohol.

Brewmasters at Stella Artois have worked with specialists to skilfully remove alcohol, without altering the unique taste.

A beautifully balanced, full-flavoured premium lager, with a pronounced hoppy bitterness and a crisp, clean and refreshing finish, this is meant to be savoured.

With only 60 kcal per bottle, Stella Artois Alcohol Free is a perfect option for those seeking a healthier alternative… or just looking to moderate.

Did you know? It was a ‘Christmas gift’ to the people of Leuven from their beloved Artois Brewery, in the form of a special batch, which first officially included ‘Stella’ (meaning ‘star’ in Latin) in its name.