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Iced Coffee

Coffee fans chilling at our pubs this summer will be glad of this icy, caffeine-charged treat

Wetherspoon’s customers, in our pubs across the UK and Ireland, enjoy 50 million cups of coffee every year. A cup of our Lavazza coffee is now an established and popular pastime with customers of all ages, in towns and cities everywhere.


And with free filter coffee refills until 2pm, it is little wonder that the Wetherspoon coffee revolution continues. However, you can now enjoy that great Lavazza coffee taste in the Wetherspoon iced frappé, the iced alternative to that hot cuppa.

A creamy drink, served over ice, the same great Wetherspoon Lavazza coffee blend used in all of our hot coffee drinks is added as a fresh espresso shot to every frappé. Topped with whipped cream, your frappé is available in two flavours, with chocolate sauce on the vanilla frappé and caramel sauce on the caramel frappé.


Latte and cappuccino coffees still dominate UK coffee consumption; however, with the warmer months fast approaching (hopefully!), a blended iced coffee beverage may just hit the spot. Wetherspoon continues to offer great choice, great taste and great value – and, similar to your value-for-money hot filter coffee, the new caramel or vanilla frappé costs a fraction of the high-street coffee-shop versions.

The origins of the frappé

A frappé is a cold and/or blended drink, typically including ice or ice cream, plus a variety of other ingredients to taste including coffee, vanilla or a syrup. The word is French and comes from the verb ‘frapper’ which means ‘to hit’, in reference to how the drink is shaken/mixed.

Over 50 years ago, at the International Trade Fair, in Thessaloniki, Greece, Nestlé representative Yannis Dritsas was showing off a new instant chocolate milk mix. During the fair, Yannis’s assistant, Dimitris Vakondios, needing a pick-me-up, decided to make some instant coffee.

Hot water was nowhere to be found, so Dimitris mixed the coffee mix with cold water and ice and borrowed the shaker. Today, ‘cafés frappés’ are the national drink of Greece, in almost every coffee shop, and apparently there is a science involved, down to the proper techniques to create the perfect sized bubbles in the foamy top.