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The craft revolution – now, it’s going soft

Soda pop comes of age as new breed of creators makes use of real ingredients

There is a new craft revolution afoot at Wetherspoon… and it contains no beer or alcohol.

Craft soft drinks are transforming the soft drinks market, as soda pop comes of age and becomes a real grown-up drink alternative.

However, there is nothing ‘soft’ about our two NEW craft soft cans, now being served at Wetherspoon.

With one in five customers now opting for healthier, great-tasting real soda options, we are offering two cool craft drink brands.


Dalston’s Fizzy Rhubarb and Gunna Muscovite Lemonade & Mint, both served in a can, are the NEW choices in our craft soft drinks range.

Dalston’s sodas go back to basics, putting real ingredients back at the heart of soft drinks.

Containing nothing artificial and one-third less sugar than mainstream brands, Dalston’s delivers that authentic, fruity taste which a real soft drink should.

Dalston’s Fizzy Rhubarb is a velvety rhubarb soda, made with bright red ‘blush’ rhubarb juice, from rhubarb grown in Herefordshire.

The company was set up by Duncan O’Brien in 2012 in an east London nightclub kitchen.


Formerly a chef on the Orient Express, he began blending, mashing and infusing the first drinks by hand, using ingredients sourced from local markets.

Every bottle was made by hand and delivered to coffee shops, bars and restaurants by bike!

As demand grew, the company moved to larger premises in 2016, when co-founder Dan Broughton, together with industry pro-turned-investor Giles Brook, helped to take Dalston’s forward, now supplying retailers nationwide and overseas.

With a motto of ‘real fruit, nothing weird’, Dalston’s has stayed true to its roots, the soda-making process and the integrity of its product.

Gunna Muscovite is a sparkling blend of natural lemon and mint flavours.


This ‘ludicrously luscious zest monster’ was inspired by a real lemonade recipe, popular in Moscow.

This cunningly combines fresh lemon, mint and a twist of ginger to create a unique flavour.

Gunna Drinks ‘canifesto’ is battling the bland and creating  craft soft drinks with uncompromising character and style, made with more natural ingredients, lower sugar and bursting with flavour.

Gunna felt that soft drinks had lost their pizzazz, so is on a mission to bring it back.

Its innovative, award-winning range of craft soft drinks – including Gunna Muscovite Lemonade & Mint – contains less than five per cent sugar, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is made right here in the UK.

Join the real fruit revolution and try one of our NEW craft soft cans, which sit alongside our range of more than 15 other options. These include fruit juices; J2O; Monster Energy, Mango Loco or Ultra; Old Jamaica ginger beer; Pepsi range;  R White’s lemonade or raspberry lemonade; Remedy Kombucha, cherry plum or ginger lemon; Sanpellegrino, blood orange or lemon; Strathmore spring water.

These craft soft drinks are part of the ‘includes a drink’ meal-deal range.