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It’s cocktail time at Wetherspoon

Three NEW classic cocktails have been added to the extensive range of classic cocktails, spritz cocktails and cocktail pitchers. These are:

Espresso Martini
British vodka, paired with 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee and gently sweetened with coffee liqueur, then garnished with coffee beans.

Strawberry Daiquiri 
In Cuba affectionately known as Daiquiri de fresa, this combines white rum, pressed lime and sugar with strawberry liqueur and strawberry purée and is then garnished with strawberry.

Tommy’s Margarita
Pressed lime juice is sweetened with organic agave syrup and shaken with blanco tequila, then garnished with lime.

Spritz cocktails 
Taking inspiration from the original Aperol Spritz – Peach Blush Spritz, Tanqueray Spritz and Mango & Passionfruit Spritz are available as part of the cocktail range.

Peach Blush Spritz combines Coldwater Creek rosé wine (175ml), Archers peach schnapps (25ml) and a dash of lemonade – it is served with a strawberry half.

How about the refreshing Tanqueray Spritz, which marries Tanqueray gin (50ml), apple juice (100ml) and a bottle of elderflower tonic (200ml) and is garnished with a cucumber slice and mint?

For a more tropical taste, why not try Mango & Passionfruit Spritz. This is a mix of Smirnoff Mango & Passionfruit vodka (25ml), Prosecco (200ml bottle) and a dash of lemonade. It is served with a lemon slice.

Aperol Spritz Grande is also still being served at the bar, combining Aperol (100ml), Prosecco and soda with an orange slice.

Cocktail pitchers 
The perfect summer cocktail for a sunny social in a pub garden is the NEW Candy Rosá, served by the glass and as a cocktail pitcher to share.

Candy Rosá combines Au Vodka pink lemonade, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, Monster Ultra Rosá and lemonade – and is then garnished with lime. 

With up to 15 cocktail pitchers to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favourite.