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Craft on Draught

Our world craft beer selection is continually proving a massive hit with customers.

Both of our draught craft products are brewed here in the UK, to guarantee freshness – made to the exact specifications from their American counterparts.


Style: American Pale Ale
Origin: Portland, USA
ABV: 4.5% PINT
Appearance: Light amber
Taste: Grapefruit, citrus

American Pale Ale (4.5% ABV), from Shipyard Brewing Co, is the latest to join the Wetherspoon craft collection. This is a great combination of US brewing and the best of British blended American hop varieties and English barley – for a refreshing pale ale.

As Dave Saunders, head of national sales at Marston’s, puts it: “American beers are very popular at the moment, yet tend to have a high ABV. And, for a lot of British drinkers, the intense citrus flavours from the hops can be a bit too much. So, the English malt gives the beer a refreshing quality, meaning that you can drink more than one – and, in fact, when they’ve tried it, a lot of people do come back for more!”

Devils Backbone

Style: American India Pale Ale (IPA)
Origin: Lexington, USA
ABV: 5.2% PINT
Appearance: Amber
Taste: Bright, snappy, hoppy

Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and brewed in the Black Country, here in the UK, Devils Backbone American IPA is proving a huge hit with our customers.

Added to the Wetherspoon range in autumn 2014 and served at all pubs across the UK, the beer is crafted from an original recipe by Devils Backbone’s brewmaster Jason Oliver and produced here, to save on beer miles and guarantee its freshness.

Jason said: “Brewing it over here means that we can give our American IPA a classic English character, thanks to the open fermentation process – something we can’t do in the States.

“The idea of brewing in England is also great from a quality standpoint: the beer is sure to be really fresh.”

..and Wetherspoon’s craft beer and real-ale enthusiasts are certainly enjoying the brew.

For more information about the craft range available at your local Wetherspoon, view the drinks menu on your local’s pub page.

Extended ranges may also be available. For further details, please contact the pub directly, where a staff member will be happy to assist you.