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Our pubs – latest information

UPDATED: Tuesday, 15 June 2021

For the latest information about which of our pubs are open and how we're constantly improving our service to help customers to keep themselves, others and our team safe, please see here:

Our pubs

Which pubs are open?

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – In line with government guidance, our pubs are currently open, although some have restrictions on closing times; in those cases, they will close earlier. Not all pubs serve alcohol for the entire period of opening.

The below pubs will remain closed until further notice:

In England
  • The Beehive, Gatwick Airport
  • The Running Horse, Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  • The Atrium, Birmingham NEC
  • Wetherspoons, Birmingham NEC
  • The Windmill, Stansted Airport
  • Wetherspoon Express, Stansted Airport
  • Wetherspoon Express, Heathrow Airport
  • The Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport
  • The London Bar, Gatwick Airport
  • The New Moon, Harrow
  • The Company Inn, Nottingham
  • The Crown, Matlock

  • In Scotland
  • The Turnhouse, Edinburgh Airport
  • The Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh Airport
  • The Sandpiper, Glasgow Airport
  • The Sanderling, Glasgow Airport
  • The Crossed Peels, Stirling

  • Northern Ireland
  • The Tuesday Bell, Lisburn

  • Ireland
     – Pubs with a beer garden, roof-top garden and/or patio are open. The below pubs will remain closed until further notice:
  • The Great Wood, Blanchardstown - opening Monday 28 June
  • The Silver Penny, Dublin
  • Can I book a table in advance?

    All pubs will operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Table-bookings are not possible.

    What happens if the weather is poor?

    Where possible, we have provided additional shelter in outside areas. 

    Customers will not be permitted to gather in the pub to shelter from rain.

    Having a seat outside does not automatically guarantee you a seat inside the pub.

    Can I still pay by cash or credit/debit card, if I can’t use the Wetherspoon app?

    Yes. A staff member will take your order – food and drinks will be brought to your table.

    Contactless payments are encouraged. The limit has been increased to £45 for card contactless (Apple Pay/Google Pay limit is £100).

    Can I still order at the bar, or is it table service only?

    Customers will not be able to order at the bar – government guidelines require pubs to operate table service only.

    Customers will be able to order directly from their table, using the Wetherspoon app. The app can be downloaded before your visit. Visit this page for more information.

    If you are unable to order using the app , please ask a staff member, who will take your order at the table.

    Customers will be able to pay by card from their table, using a portable payment device. In the UK, contactless payments are processed via i-Zettle devices and in the Republic of Ireland via Sum-Up devices. If you would like more information about the way in which iZettle handles personal data, the privacy policy for this service can be found here: iZettle privacy policy

    What is the maximum customer group size permitted in a pub?

    Pubs in England – the maximum group size is six.

    Pubs in Northern Ireland – the maximum group size is six people from a maximum of two households.

    Pubs in Scotland – For pubs in level 2 areas,  the maximum group size indoors is six people from a maximum of three households; outside is six from a maximum of six households. For pubs in level 3 areas, the maximum group size indoors is six people from a maximum of two households; outside is six from a maximum of six households.

    Pubs in Wales – the maximum group size is six.

    If customers arrive in a large group or attempt to congregate as one, they will be asked to disperse, if capacity allows, or leave the premises. We reserve the right to turn away any group larger than the permitted size, even if wishing to split across multiple tables.

    Are you serving the full menu?

    The menu has been slightly reduced.

    Food is served seven days a week. Breakfast will be served until 11.30am, with the main menu from 11.30am.

    Local licensing or planning guidelines may require certain pubs to close earlier.

    Are menus used for multiple customers?

    The menu is a single-use, recyclable version.

    Are you still offering free tea and coffee refills?

    Yes. Customers will receive a clean cup for every hot drink ordered, including refills.

    Can customers use gaming machines?

    Gaming machines will be switched on, customers must be seated at the machine.

    How are you enforcing and publicising the government’s advice about meeting people from outside of my household?

    It is our responsibility to make customers aware of guidelines (which we will do through entrance signage), but it is not our responsibility to enforce them. The designated staff member responsible for monitoring social distancing will also monitor groups and gatherings, taking account of any guidelines.

    Face-coverings are still mandatory in hospitality venues. Do customers and employees have to wear a face-covering in pubs?

    For customers

    Customers can remove their face-covering when sitting at a table, but will need to wear a face-covering when moving around the pub’s areas, for example visiting the toilet or to access the customer information screen.

    For staff

    All staff are now required to wear a face-covering. Non-medical face-coverings, protective eyewear and visors are available to staff. Gloves are not compulsory, but are available on request.

    PPE will be required for staff working in kitchens or other areas, on occasion, where there might be confined spaces. This will be determined by each pub’s risk assessments.

    What about exemptions

    Staff and customers need not wear a face-covering if they have a medical condition exempting them.

    Children under the age of 11 need not wear a face-covering.

    There are also scenarios when customers might be asked, and are permitted, to remove a face-covering, including for age-identification purposes and when buying age-restricted products, such as alcohol.

    How are your pubs collecting information for test and trace?

    In a change to test and trace, every customer must check in on every visit by using either the government NHS COVID-19 app or by completing a paper test-and-trace form. The option for customers to check in using the Wetherspoon app has been removed. If customers refuse to complete test and trace, they must be refused service and asked to leave.

    Details of the government’s NHS COVID-19 app (England and Wales) can be found by following this link:

    In Scotland, a separate app (NHS Scotland Test & Protect app ‘Protect Scotland’) is available, but is a separate scheme. Details can be found by following this link:

    The paper form asks for a name, contact phone number, date of visit and arrival/departure time.

    Children under 16 years old or those exempt are not required to provide details.

    Do I have to complete the test-and-trace form?

    In a change to test and trace, every customer must check in on every visit by using either the government NHS COVID-19 app or by completing a paper test-and-trace form. The option for customers to check in using the Wetherspoon app has been removed. If customers refuse to complete test and trace, they must be refused service and asked to leave. 

    How will you use my personal details?

    The paper test-and-trace forms are collected throughout the day and stored securely by the pub’s team. Data collected via QR code is processed by our third-party QR code provider. Personal data collected via paper form or electronically will be stored only electronically or shared with the NHS test-and-trace bodies or other responsible authority and our third-party QR code provider only. Personal data will not be used for marketing purposes. Customers’ details collected via paper form or electronically will be securely deleted or destroyed after 21 days.

    Our legal basis for processing your personal data for the NHS test-and-trace bodies or other contact-tracing scheme is in accordance with legitimate interests to prevent coronavirus transmission. Data will be shared with responsible authorities, in compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations.

    Your data protection rights apply.

    Are you complying with GDPR?

    The government has directed that, in COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, we are required to collect personal data from customers and visitors and, along with staff data, pass it to NHS test-and-trace, or other regulatory, bodies for contact-tracing purposes.

    The processes explained above, put in place for the collection, retention and secure destruction of data, are in compliance with our data-protection obligations to customers, visitors and staff.

    If you would like more information about how we process personal data, please see our privacy policy. Privacy policy

    In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a pub, how are customers contacted?

    Government guidance states that positive test results should be communicated automatically via the relevant test-and-trace authority (depending on where you live in the UK or Ireland), via the NHS COVID-19 app (England and Wales) or by local public health authorities.

    The person who tested positive should then be contacted by one of these authorities to obtain information about where he or she has been, along with details about those with whom he or she may have come into close contact in the 48 hours before developing symptoms. Close contact means being within two metres (for 15 minutes or more) of a person who has tested positive for the virus – or within one metre for one minute or more.

    In order to assist authorities with completing their enquiries, companies are asked to provide the data collected from customers during their visits. Public health authorities will use this data to contact individuals, who are then required to isolate. Companies are not, themselves, expected to contact customers. It is the role of the authorities to contact the public and respond to any questions which might arise.

    I have been in one of your pubs and have now tested positive for COVID-19. Whom should I contact?

    In accordance with government guidance, you do not need to contact anyone. The relevant public health authority, tracing service or NHS COVID-19 app should contact us and any individuals with whom you have been in ‘close contact’ – to provide information about any subsequent actions to take. Close contact means being within two metres (for 15 minutes or more) of a person who has tested positive for the virus – or within one metre for one minute or more.

    Are you providing sanitisers for staff and customers?

    Hand-sanitiser stations are installed in every pub. These are positioned at the entrance, the bar, outside toilets and at other locations, including outside areas. For most pubs, there will be an average of 10 stations.

    Are children permitted in your pubs?

    Yes. Customers will be requested to keep children seated and to supervise them during toilet visits.

    Are your toilets available for customers’ use?

    Yes. Customers must wear a face-covering when not sitting at a table.

    There is a hand-sanitiser station close to toilets’ entrance/exit doors. Where possible, toilet lobby doors will be propped open.

    Are your gardens and smoking areas set up for social distancing?

    External areas are set up for social-distancing measures.

    To avoid congestion, smoking is not permitted around any entrance/exit doors.

    Where possible, designated external smoking areas will be clearly marked to aid social distancing.

    Our hotels

    Are your hotels open? If they are closed on the date of my booking, what do I do?

    Our hotels are now open and our hotel teams are looking forward to welcoming you back.

    We have made some changes as part of our COVID-19 secure operating plan to ensure our hotels are a safe environment for our employees and guests.

    We have introduced:

    • pay on booking using our advance rate to reduce the time it takes to check in
    • screens in our reception areas
    • hand sanitiser stations in the entrance and on each floor of our hotels
    • express check out for all of our guests
    • emailed receipts instead of paper copies
    • disposable menus and guest information in every room
    • door hangers to confirm your room has been cleaned to our COVID-19 safe standard prior to your arrival

    Please click here to view our hotels by location.

    Please note, if you have booked and paid in advance to stay with us, yet the hotel has had to close and you would like a refund or to reschedule your stay, that you can complete a contact form here and we will contact you within 14 days of the receipt of your request. If you have booked via, please cancel via its online portal.

    Some reservation types can be cancelled without charge, before noon on the day of arrival. Other rates are fixed and non-refundable.

    How can I book a room?

    To search for a hotel, click here. Select a hotel, check availability and book online, on the hotel’s page. If you wish to book more than five rooms or have any special requirements (eg you require an infant’s cot), please use the contact us form here. You must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation.

    What time is food available?

    For the latest information, see the ‘Our pubs’ section above – ‘Are you serving the full menu?’

    Do hotel guests get priority access to the pub?

    Because of our temporarily reduced capacity, please note that staying in our hotel does not guarantee you a seat/table in the pub areas, if it’s at capacity. 

    Hotel guests arriving to check in will not need to wait with other customers queuing to enter the pub.

    Do you still store luggage for guests, once they have checked out?

    For the time being, we will not be providing this service for guests. Guests can request to check in early or check out of their room at a later time. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.

    Do you provide room service, using the app, for hotel guests?

    No, we do not provide room service for hotel guests.

    How is check-in managed in reception areas?

    Queues will be managed to ensure social distancing. Clear signage will direct guests to maintain social-distancing measures and to use hand-sanitiser stations. 

    Protective screens will be in use on hotels’ reception desks/counters. Where hotel guests check in at the bar, there will also be a protective screen.

    Can guests still use the hotel lifts?

    At check-in, guests will be reminded (if relevant) not to mix with other parties when using any lift. Signage will be displayed by the lift, with lift contact points sanitised regularly. Hand-sanitiser stations are found outside the lift, on each floor.

    Do your hotels accept cash?

    Cash is not accepted in Wetherspoon hotels.

    What will you do if a guest is suspected of having COVID-19?

    If a guest presents with symptoms of COVID-19 or is asymptomatic, but declares the need to isolate, he or she will be advised to check out and return home to isolate, in accordance with government guidance. 

    If the guest shows acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties or where there is potential risk to life, the hotel team will follow government-provided COVID-19 protocols.