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Meet the Brewer

As part of our international craft brewers’ showcase, we bring you an interview with one of our guest brewers. This month, we talk AFO with Giovanni Campari.

We spoke to Giovanni Campari to get some background on the ale he’s brewed up: Birrificio Del Ducato AFO 5.4% ABV

The brewery
In Soragna, we have a fully automatic brewhouse, with five vessels of 60 hectolitres. Our cellar in the brewery of Roncole Verdi has now reached a total of 120 barriques and eight big barrels (44; 54 and 80 hectolitres) with a total volume of 700 hectolitres of barrel-ageing. To fit the huge demand for our sours, it will be turned into a sour beer brewery before the end of the year. Now, you can see that it is like a canvas, a white canvas full of space – and now it’s our turn to paint…

The brewer
Giovanni Campari, graduate in food science and technology and former homebrewer, backed by an internship of five months at Birrificio Italiano, is the brewmaster, visionary and radical. He is the alchemist who puts his soul into the beers we produce, but this is the common way to see the story and we aren’t common – Giovanni is an artist who is unafraid to paint outside the canvas.

The awards
A list of our awards is impossible – too long. It is a pleasure, however, for us to remember the best competitions where we won important medals: European Beer Star, World Beer Cup – more than 80 medals. More information can be found here.

The ale
AFO is like a life style, Ale For Obsessed, a beer which I’ve always wished for and wanted. It’s a pale ale with an incredible bouquet of aromatic hops, balanced by a structured body.