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St David's Day

Celebrate this saint’s day with a pint of Welsh cider or ale.

This St David’s Day, why not pop to your local J D Wetherspoon pub? To celebrate the patron saint of Wales, we will be serving St David’s Ale (4.3% ABV).

Welsh ale

Beer: St David’s Ale, 4.3% ABV
Brewery: Evan Evans Brewery, Carmarthenshire
Hops: Bramling Cross, Magnum, Perle

This amber-coloured celebration beer has a light, spiced aroma, full-bodied flavour and clean, fruity palate.

Traditional Welsh food

Our pubs in Wales serve traditional Welsh dishes every day; so, if you’re looking to celebrate St David’s Day with a meal in a Welsh pub, why not join us? Our Welsh pubs offer a traditional lamb cawl – lamb, carrot, leek, swede, turnip, onion and lentils, served with white bloomer.

For those who like something a little hotter, we have our flaming dragon curry (Y Ddraig Fflamllyd™) – a hot Welsh chicken curry, made with diced British chicken breast, red peppers, onion and an original blend of hot and aromatic spices, herbs and seasoning.

Our Welsh pubs also put a Welsh spin on British classics. Why not try our award-winning pork, leek & chilli sausages, served with Caerphilly cheese & leek mash, peas and onion & Brains SA ale gravy? You may also wish to try pork & liver faggots, served with chips, mushy peas and gravy.


Whether you’re enjoying a classic dish in Wales or raising a pint of St David’s Ale across the UK – we hope that you have a fantastic St David’s Day.

For a full list of available dishes, please check your local pub’s menu. Price and participation may vary.