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Christmas at Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon festive menu is stuffed with goodies – and being served from mid November

Wetherspoon’s pubs will be serving their Christmas menu from Wednesday 15 November to Sunday 31 December, inclusive (but excluding Christmas Day).
The pubs will be offering festive meals and Deli Deals® which include a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

Customers will be able to enjoy sliced turkey breast and winter vegetables, as well as a selection of three burgers (the big cheese burger, a Brie & bacon burger and a chicken & stuffing burger).
In addition, two 11-inch pizzas will be available: a chicken, stuffing, bacon & Brie pizza and a Brie & garlic mushroom pizza.

The Deli Deals® feature a chicken, stuffing, bacon & cranberry panini and a Brie & cranberry panini.

Also on the festive menu are small plates, a children’s meal and a choice of desserts.

The small plates are an eight-inch chicken, stuffing, bacon & brie pizza and an eight-inch Brie & garlic mushroom pizza, the big cheese chips and also pigs-in-blankets.

The children’s meal (which includes a soft drink choice) is pigs-in-blankets, served with two side options (from a choice of roasted vegetables, cucumber slices with tomato wedges, peas and baked beans) and one potato option (from jacket potato, chips and mashed potato). 
To complete the line-up, the pubs will be serving two desserts: a salted caramel sticky toffee pudding and a mince tart.

Prices may vary per pub.