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Breakfast is now available until the extended time of 12 noon, seven days a week.

• Food

Breakfast served until 12 noon

Wetherspoon’s pubs have a huge range of breakfast options to start your day – and it is now available until the extended time of 12 noon, seven days a week.

We serve great-quality ingredients from our UK and Irish suppliers, offering exceptional value and choice.

Our breakfast menu includes traditional breakfast dishes, from a full cooked breakfast to MOMA Porridge, served plain or with the option to top with banana and honey, as well as our breakfast muffins and range of Benedicts.


Tuck in to our traditional breakfast of fried egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, two hash browns and a slice of toast – or our large breakfast with two fried eggs, bacon, two sausages, baked beans, three hash browns, mushroom, two slices of toast. 

A small breakfast is also available.

Our vegetarian breakfast (including large and small versions) offers fried egg, Quorn sausage, baked beans, hash browns, mushroom and tomato, with a slice of toast.

The vegan breakfast includes two Quorn vegan sausages, baked beans, two hash browns, mushroom, tomato and a slice of toast.

Our freedom breakfast includes two fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushroom and tomato.


There are six breakfast muffins to choose from, including egg & bacon muffin, egg & sausage muffin, breakfast muffin and our egg & cheese muffin.

Select a fried egg, bacon & American-style cheese combo, in an English muffin – or replace the bacon with sausage or Quorn sausage.

In our breakfast muffin, enjoy both bacon and sausage, with a fried egg and American-style cheese.
For another vegetarian option, our egg & cheese muffin combines a fried egg with American-style cheese, in an English muffin.

All choices are under 500 kcal each and can be enjoyed with our Lavazza self-service coffee range (or Tetley tea/hot chocolate), including free refills on any tea, coffee or hot chocolate, all day every day.

We offer three Benedict dishes

All options are served with two poached eggs, on a toasted English muffin, with Hollandaise sauce and rocket – with a different choice of main ingredient.

Our eggs Benedict is served with Wiltshire cured ham, our miner’s Benedict with black pudding, while our vegetarian mushroom Benedict is completed with two flat mushrooms.

See main menus and customer information screen for allergen information, symbol explanations and additional details of our terms and conditions.