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Club meal deals available all day every day

Wetherspoon is extending its club offers throughout the week.

• Food

Customers will be able to enjoy four meals on the Curry Club.
The meals are Chicken jalfrezi, Beef Madras, Chicken tikka masala and Mangalorean roasted cauliflower & spinach curry.
Each is served with basmati pilau rice, plain naan bread and poppadums.
The pubs will also offer the four meals as a simple curry meal, served with either basmati pilau rice or chips.
The Steak Club will offer customers a choice of four meals; Classic 8oz sirloin steak, served with jacket potato, chips or Rainbow quinoa salad, Gourmet 8oz sirloin steak, served with peas, tomato, mushroom, three onion rings and a steak sauce, with a choice of chips or jacket potato, as well as mixed grill or large mixed grill, served with peas, tomato, mushroom and a choice of chips or jacket potato.
All of the prime beef steaks come from Britain and Ireland, are matured for 21 days and then seasoned in the Wetherspoon pub kitchen.
The third club, Fish and Chips, offers a choice of two meals (which can also be served as smaller portions).
Freshly battered cod and chips, served with peas or mushy peas and Whitby breaded scampi, served with chips and peas is available.
Sunday Brunch is replaced by the All Day Brunch, which will also be available seven days a week (and will include a drink).
Other meals on the menu, such as Five-bean chilli and Wiltshire cured ham, eggs and chips, also includes a drink.
This means that all main meals on the Wetherspoon menu will include a drink (with the exception of breakfasts).
Wetherspoon’s chief executive John Hutson said: “ We are confident that our customers will welcome the opportunity to enjoy our Club meals at all times and not just on specific days as has always been the case.
“The club meals offer great meals at excellent prices and we look forward to serving them to our customers throughout the week from Monday June 21.”