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Christmas at Wetherspoon

Fantastic feasts and where to find them.

• Events

In pubs which are open, our ever-popular Christmas menu is now being served up to and including Christmas Eve.

We are offering something for everyone, with a range of festive meal choices across our menu categories, including burgers, pizzas, children’s meals, small plates and deli deals, as well as a sweet treat. All main festive meals and deli deals include a soft or alcoholic drink*, making Christmas at Wetherspoon even greater value for money.


We have four fantastic festive burgers to choose from – a Brie & bacon burger, a chicken & stuffing burger, a buttermilk chicken & stuffing burger and a Brie & cranberry vegetable burger – all available as a festive meal deal which includes a drink*.

As well as our vegetable burger, our creamy mushroom risotto is also suitable for vegetarians. The dish is under 500 Calories and made with roasted chestnut, porcini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, with rocket and a dash of Prosecco. Non-vegetarians can add some chicken to this festive feast, for a small extra cost.


The Christmas pizza choices are available in our standard 11" size (including a drink*), as well as our 8" small-plate size – part of our small plates ‘any 3 for’ offer, along with pigs-in-blankets (seven pork chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, with cranberry sauce). These can all be mixed and matched with our other small-plate dishes (on the main menu), as part of the ‘any 3 for’ deal. Our chicken, stuffing, bacon & Brie pizza is topped with chicken breast, a pork, apricot & cranberry stuffing, maple-cured bacon, Brie and rocket, while our Brie & smoky chilli jam pizza is topped with both of those ingredients, together with rocket.

Festive Pigs-in-blankets and mash is a great festive menu option on our children’s menu, served with baked beans or peas; it includes a children’s drink and fruit^ as part of the price. Our freshly made festive deli deals panini choices provide the perfect Christmas sandwich. The deli deal duo (including a drink*) are chicken, stuffing, bacon and cranberry, along with Brie and cranberry (available with added maple-cured bacon). You can add chips or salad – or even our tomato & basil soup – to enjoy with your panini sandwich, for an extra cost.

Our Christmas gingerbread muffin makes a welcome return,for a festive sweet treat.

This moist, light, ginger sponge, with its warming flavour, comes with a gooey ginger-flavour syrup filling and is topped with caramel icing and a mini gingerbread man. Made by Cherrytree Bakery, a small family-owned Lancashire-based bakery supplier, each little gingerbread man is hand placed on every muffin.

Enjoy Christmas at Wetherspoon.

*See main menu for drinks selection.^See kids’ menu for information about drinks and fruit choices. Prices may vary per pub.