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Club Deals

Whether you are in Blackrock, Blanchardstown, Dún Laoghaire, Swords or Cork, your local Wetherspoon pub has a different meal-deal selection from Monday to Friday, inclusive.

The Wetherspoon ‘club meal’ menus offer a great range of options at fantastic value – and each includes a drink as part of the price, making it even better value. The different daily menu is served throughout the day, until 11pm, alongside our main menu range.


Mexican Monday

Our Mexican Monday menu selection has a tempting range of Mexican dishes, including burrito, nachos, BBQ pulled pork & cheese quesadilla.

Our burrito is a soft flour tortilla, filled with brown rice, cheese, bell peppers, pinto and black beans, red onion and tomato, wrapped up and served with tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and chilli peppers – plus a drink! All Mexican Monday choices come with a drink included; so, why not stick to the theme of the Americas and choose a bottle of Sol?

A light, golden lager, it is the original Mexican beer, brewed since 1899.


Steak Club

Tuesday is Steak Club, with a selection of steaks and meats from the grill. All of our beef steaks are sourced from Ireland and the UK and are matured for 21 days, then seasoned by us.

Choose an 8oz sirloin steak, 14oz Aberdeen Angus rump steak, mixed grill, chicken & rib combo or BBQ pork ribs. Each choice comes with a drink included.

Why not enjoy a glass of Coldwater Creek Chilean merlot with your steak? This medium-bodied, smooth red wine is an ideal accompaniment.


Chicken Club

Wing It Wednesday is our Chicken Club menu – a choice of chicken dishes served with coleslaw, chips or side salad and dressing or rice, as well as a drink of your choice from the club selection.

Among the menu options are peri-peri roast half chicken, southern-fried chicken strips and Buffalo wings.

We also serve our fried buttermilk chicken meal is available exclusively on our Wednesday Chicken Club menu. It comprises a buttermilk chicken breast, BBQ sauce and coleslaw, served with chips, side salad or rice.

Try our classic, refreshing American-style pale ale, from Shipyard Brewing Co – one of our world craft beers and a great pint to enjoy with your chicken choice.


Curry Club

Our ever-popular is our Curry Club Thursday offering, with a great selection of curries to suit all tastes. Your choice of curry is served with pilau rice, naan bread and poppadums, as well as a drink.

The range includes chicken korma, lamb rogan josh, sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry, chicken tikka masala, chicken balti, chicken jalfrezi and beef Madras, as well as starters and dips. Sixpoint’s Bengali, a copper-coloured IPA from Brooklyn, USA, could be the ideal craft beer to enjoy as part of your Curry Club meal.


Fish Friday

Fish Friday rounds off the working week, with freshly battered fish and chips served until 11pm every Friday.

Our sustainable cod fillet is served with peas or mushy peas and chips. Bread and butter can also be added to your meal.

Enjoy a Cork Dry Gin and tonic, a pint of Beamish or even a cup of tea, as part of your Fish Friday club meal.