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Small plates

New-size pizzas, eight inches in diameter, are available as part of our small-plates offer.

Mix and match your choice of NEW 8″ pizza with a host of small-plate options, including British chicken wings, halloumi fries, spicy coated king prawns, nachos and chicken breast bites, as well as houmous with tortilla chips.

Our freshly baked pizzas just got smaller (in a good way)!

We have added an 8" version of our delicious pizza range to the menu.

Wetherspoon’s pizza selection is now available in an 8" version and is part of our ‘any 3 small plates’ selection, so you can mix and match with a choice of small-plate options.

All of the same ingredients and combinations are available to choose from – just a little smaller for a lighter pizza option or snack, available from our small-plates range.

A firm favourite with Wetherspoon customers, as well as outstanding value, our improved pizza recipes combine all the very best ingredients, sourced for your enjoyment.

As well as quality and value for money, we also ensure that our pizzas are freshly topped, baked and cooked to order – and served within our service aim of 10 minutes, whatever the size or toppings you choose.

We are continuing to invest in dedicated pizza ovens and staff training, to bring our freshly made pizzas to even more of our pubs and customers.

Our new and improved recipe pizza dough, pressed by us in the kitchen, provides a slighter thicker base for our selection of fresh toppings.

Our blended grated cheese, a mix of mozzarella and Cheddar, has also been improved to ensure a beautiful ‘browning in the baking’, for that perfect pizza… every time.

We source our sauce – tomato of course – from Italy, made by experts Cirio, using 100 per cent Italian tomatoes to provide an authentic taste and high-quality pizza-topping.

Our eight delicious choices are: Margherita; roasted vegetable; vegan roasted vegetable; Hawaiian; ham and mushroom; pepperoni; BBQ chicken; spicy meat feast.

These come together with a large selection of extra toppings to add to any option.

Our Margherita is made with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, with our pepperoni option made from authentic pepperoni.

Mozzarella, BBQ sauce, chicken breast and red onion combine perfectly on our BBQ chicken pizza, while our spicy meat feast marries mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, chicken breast and sliced chillies, for that added kick.

Our herbs and spices include fresh rosemary, fresh basil and fresh chillies – to complement the various combinations of tempting tasty toppings.

Every topping is available separately for you to combine for your very own bespoke pizza choice, in either an 8" or our original 11 " size.

Simply select your favourite toppings for your perfect pizza.