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Steaks, Chicken & Ribs

If our chicken and ribs dishes don't have you tempted, our British and Irish steaks, always hand-seasoned and fresh from the grill, just might!

The ‘Wing it Wednesday’ Chicken Club has proven a resounding success and is a welcome addition to Wetherspoon’s club nights line-up. The Peri-Peri Half Roast Chicken option is available to order all week.
Peri-peri (also spelled piri-piri and pilipili) is Swahili for ‘pepper-pepper’ and is a hot African bird’s-eye chilli which comes originally from Mozambique, where it has grown wild for centuries. It  was then adopted by Portuguese settlers and introduced into their cuisine.
The chilli peppers were believed to have been brought back originally on Columbus’s voyage to the Americas – and the Portuguese are thought to have adopted the ingredient in their colonies of Mozambique and Angola. The peri-peri sauce, Portuguese in origin, is used as a seasoning or marinade. Although the recipe can vary slightly from region to region, it is made from crushed chillies, red peppers, onion, paprika, herbs and lemon juice, blended together for a spicy (yet not overpowering) kick.
A peri-peri marinade is used to prepare the chicken, before it is cooked on a char-grill, to enhance its flavour and seal in moisture. A peri-peri sauce is also provided in a ramekin, allowing you to add more for your personal taste.
Buffalo wings are the tasty option which gave Chicken Club its ‘Wing it Wednesday’ name. The 10 spicy chicken wings are served with a hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, chips and fresh coleslaw.

Fresh from the grill, a range of steaks is offered at Wetherspoon pubs, sourced from Britain and Ireland and matured for 35 days, then seasoned by us.
Among the choices are an 8oz rump steak, 8oz sirloin steak, a mixed grill (including a rump steak) and surf and turf, comprising an 8oz rump steak and scampi, as well as the ever-popular 14oz Aberdeen Angus rump steak.
The rump is the steak-eater’s steak, lean and full of flavour. Sirloin, from the middle back, is well marbled with tasty fat, making it tender and juicy.
Aberdeen Angus is a name synonymous with the finest beef and steaks. The 35-day-matured rump steak is a huge hit with our Steak Club customers, as well as a firm menu favourite throughout the week.

All of the Aberdeen Angus, as well as the other beef steaks, served at Wetherspoon is 100 per cent Irish or British, and is farm-assured.
Wetherspoon takes great care to ensure that the beef which it serves comes from those farms taking the best care of their livestock. Strong relationships with farmers and producers, as well as control of distribution, are key principles of the company’s approach to food.
Brian Woodford, of meat, game and poultry specialist Russell Hume, a supplier to Wetherspoon, said: “We have close relationships with about 50 farms, from all corners of the British Isles.
“Some have as few as 50 cattle, while others have up to 350, but we take care in selecting from only those which are farm-assured farms, so guaranteeing the animals’ welfare and leading to topquality meat.”
These schemes ensure that the meat can be traced back to the farms and guarantees that those farmers meet exacting welfare, management and environmental standards. Cattle are fed on grass and cereal and will spend most of their life in fields. Beef carrying the Quality Standard Mark is produced to higher standards than those required by law, from a supply chain which is fully assured and independently inspected at every stage, including the cutting and packing of the meat.
The beef is also allowed to mature for 35 days, a natural process which creates the characteristic flavour and tenderness – a process which cannot be rushed.