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New carbonara pizza

New carbonara pizza lacks one traditional pizza ingredient – and so offers an intriguing new taste

The food-development team at Wetherspoon is always searching for new and exciting dishes to extend and enhance our menu choices.

Our pizzas are one particularly popular menu choice, where we have been looking to extend our already-excellent range.

We have now added a NEW carbonara pizza* to our selection, available in both original 11" and small-plate 8" pizza sizes.


Providing an alternative choice to tomato, white-based pizzas are growing in popularity – and our new white sauce-based pizza offers a more current, mainstream and already-well-loved flavour profile.

The carbonara pizza is made with a white carbonara-style sauce (made from ingredients including cream, butter, cheese and shallots), together with mozzarella cheese, sliced mushroom and maple-cured bacon, finished with rocket.

This new option, together with our core range of pizzas, is freshly topped and cooked to order, in both original 11" and 8" pizza sizes, served within our service aim of 10 minutes.


Our NEW sour dough pizza dough, for our thin-crust bases, is proved and then pressed by us in the kitchen (not premade), then topped and baked in dedicated pizza ovens.

The carbonara pizza is added to our current available range: Margherita; roasted vegetable; vegan roasted vegetable; Hawaiian; ham and mushroom, pepperoni; BBQ chicken; spicy meat feast.

The spicy meat feast pizza is a very popular choice in our pizza range and definitely one for the meat-lovers.


It is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Cheddar, red chillies, pulled chicken breast, Wiltshire ham and spicy pepperoni, then finished with rocket.

The vegan roasted vegetable pizza is a simple pizza, topped with tomato sauce, roasted vegetables (red pepper, yellow pepper, courgette and red onion) and mushrooms, then finished with micro basil leaves.

We also offer garlic pizza bread (8" and 11") with garlic & parsley butter and fresh rosemary, on its own or topped with added mozzarella cheese, as the perfect accompaniment to your pizza meal.

Just select your favourite pizza, or combine your favourite toppings for a bespoke pizza, all available to eat in or take away.

Why white?

White pizza or pizza bianca is often defined by what is missing (tomato sauce), rather than what it includes.

However, despite the deliberate omission of the usual bold, acidic sauce, on which most pizzas are built, the simple white base allows the additional toppings to take centre stage, without being overpowered by tomato.

In Rome, the pizza bianca has a dough brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and finished with fresh rosemary – simple and subtle – yet not lacking in flavour.

The white pizza is often a showcase for premium ingredients, including Italian cheeses and mushrooms, offering an entirely different flavour profile.

*At participating free houses only.