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Our Steaks

Whether it is Tuesday’s Steak Club® or any on other day of the week, your local Wetherspoon offers great choice and quality in its steak range.

We are committed to sourcing the best-quality ingredients – and our steak selection of 8oz rump, 8oz sirloin and 14oz Aberdeen Angus rump all come from Britain or Ireland, are matured for 35 days, then seasoned by us. When choosing a steak, our 8oz sirloin is a fine choice: cut from the middle back, it is well marbled with tasty fat, making it tender and juicy.

Our 8oz rump steak – the steak-eater’s steak – offers a lean, full-flavour choice. From the backside of the joint, it is naturally a firmer texture than the sirloin, with a wonderful flavour all of its own.

For centuries, Aberdeen Angus has been regarded as arguably the most prestigious cattle breed throughout the world, renowned for producing beef of superior eating quality. The silky texture of Aberdeen Angus beef is guaranteed by a fine thread of marbling, interwoven throughout the beef, meaning that our 14oz Aberdeen Angus rump provides an excellent steak-eating experience.

14oz Aberdeen Angus

Our steaks are matured for 35 days, the optimum period, for extra tenderness and succulence. A natural process, which cannot be rushed, maturation creates the characteristic flavour and tenderness of the meat.

The beef is hand-selected by our experienced butcher, Russell Hume, and cut just at the right time to ensure impeccable meat texture and quality. Sourced directly from Russell Hume’s trusted partners, for product quality, integrity and traceability, the British and Irish farmers are BRC (British Retail Consortium), Farm Assured and Red Tractor certified.

These schemes ensure that the meat can be traced back to the farms and guarantee that those farmers meet exacting welfare, management and environmental standards. Brian Woodford, of meat, game and poultry specialist Russell Hume, said: “We take care in selecting from only farm-assured farms, so guaranteeing the animals’ welfare and top-quality meat.”

8oz sirloin steak

Beef carrying the Quality Standard Mark is produced to higher standards than those required by law, from a supply chain which is fully assured – from farm to fork. Brian added: “The combination of our cattle selection and quality-assured farmers, along with a little patience during 35-day maturation, gives Wetherspoon the best-possible ingredients to work with.”

Rare, medium-rare, medium or well-done, that personal choice of cooking is yours.