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Our Chips

Celebrating two decades of the mighty Wetherchip

At Wetherspoon, we take great care in finding the best-quality dishes for our menus. Strong, integrated supplier relationships and distribution control are key principles of our approach to serving delicious food for our customers.

We know that chips are a family favourite across the nation – and that’s why we work with the very best supplier and potato growers around to produce our iconic Wetherchips.

Produced by market-leading manufacturer, McCain Foods, every helping of chips is made from 100% British potatoes, sourced from over 250 assured farms across the UK.

Building loyal and trusted supplier partnerships makes good business sense – and the fact that we’ve been working with McCain for 20 years is testament to the quality, popularity and great taste of the chips.

They say that there’s a spud for every occasion, and only the best are used by McCain. Potato varieties are selected on the basis of appearance, texture and flavour – to create that famous ‘Wetherchip’ taste.

Every helping of Wetherchips starts life in the same way – as seed potatoes in Montrose, Scotland. The seed is grown by 50 specialist seed growers in north and east Scotland, before being distributed to over 250 main crop growers, right across the UK. Trusted grower relationships are fundamental to McCain – and several of its long-standing partnerships span the whole 50 years that it’s been operating in Great Britain – that’s three generations of farming families!

Growers are supported at every stage of the potato year to ensure that the finest potatoes are grown – and every farmer is Red Tractor assured, meaning that they are aware of best-practice farming which leads to more sustainable and efficient processes on the farm.

Once harvested, the potatoes are distributed to manufacturing facilities across the UK, where they are made into Wetherchips. It’s a very simple process of washing, peeling and cutting the potatoes into chips. They are then given a dash of flavour coating, before being lightly fried in sunflower oil, frozen and delivered to Wetherspoon outlets across the UK.

McCain has full traceability of its products, ensuring that those products’ provenance can be completely trusted. In fact, every batch of potatoes delivered to McCain comes with its own passport – linking right back to the farmer who grew them.

As you can see, it takes time, care and expertise to grow a humble potato and turn it into a bowl of famous ‘Wetherchips’. With the right potato variety, dedicated growers and a consistent drive for quality, Wetherspoon’s kitchens are proud to cook up the best British chips for our customers.