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Our Bacon

Wetherspoon’s breakfasts are growing increasingly popular, and Dew Valley Foods, which has supplied the bacon since 2011, can claim a share of that success. 
Dew Valley was formed as a specialist bacon producer by the Blake butchery family in Thurles, County Tipperary, in the 1990s. Jack Blake, the son of the farmer who founded the company, sits on the board as CEO today. 
All of its pork comes from certified farms in Ireland, the UK, Holland and Germany, and must pass an inspection from Dew Valley to confirm that standards of animal welfare meet its high demands. 
From there, Dew Valley takes full control of the production process, to ensure quality and consistency. The back bacon it delivers to Wetherspoon’s pubs is cooked using a specially developed hot-air oven and method worked on over five years to guarantee that it eats as well as freshly cooked rashers. 
The company has won numerous awards for quality and service, a result, according to managing director Tim Dooley, of the specialist focus on bacon. 
“We’re like a component manufacturer, dedicated to accuracy, with nothing to distract us from continually improving consistency and quality,” he says. 
Dew Valley is also committed to protecting the environment and reducing its use of electricity and water. Fat from cooking is graded and recycled, ending up as fuel for the boiler (for instance). 
As a major employer in Tipperary, with 350 people working for it, the company supports the local community, too, backing charities and educational initiatives.