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Deli Deal

Pastrami and smashed avocado options inspired by Manhattan’s famous fare

You don’t have to fly across the Atlantic for an authentic and tasty New York bagel lunch.

Our New York deli-style pastrami bagel takes its inspiration from Katz’s Deli on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Famous for its cameo in the classic 1989 movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Katz’s has been serving the people of New York City since 1888 and is well known for its pastrami.


Our premium beef pastrami is made using a traditional curing method, liberally coated with finely cracked black pepper and piled high on a glossy authentic New York Bakery Company bagel.

We prepare our mustard mayo in house and coat the inside of the toasted bagel with a generous helping, then layer the ribbons of pastrami and top, with two length-sliced pickled gherkins and peppery rocket.

All of our deli deal sandwiches and bagels are made freshly to order.


For a lighter vegan option, why not opt for our smashed avocado bagel? This is an Instagram favourite and a great breakfast choice, yet also enjoyed throughout the day.

Building from the base of a New York Bakery Company toasted bagel, we layer real ripe Hass avocado from Mexico (the home of the avocado) with our extra-chunky guacamole and freshly chopped pico de gallo salsa. This dairy-free brunch winner can be ordered with the addition of a soft poached egg or bacon too!


We use New York Bakery Company bagels in our deli menu for an authentic New York taste. The original bagels are boiled and then baked, the real New York way, to give them an authentic texture – a chewy outer layer and soft middle.

Low in fat, free from artificial colours and flavours, they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are made using quality ingredients, with tastes and favours inspired by the bakeries, delis and diners of New York City – and served every day in your local Wetherspoon.