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Chicken Club

Our Chicken Club offers a coop-ful of options

Wetherspoon’s Chicken Club gives you the option to choose the type of chicken dish you would like to eat, together with your preferred choice of sauce, then add your personal selection of side dish – to complete your meal.

Select your customised Chicken Club dish from a great variety of tasty combinations.


These include our ever-popular favourites, such as our signature southern-fried chicken strips and chicken wings, as well as our pulled chicken bun and chicken breast bites.

The pulled chicken bun combines a whole chicken breast, warmed and hand-pulled in our kitchen, before being mixed with the sauce of your choice and then served in a buttery brioche bun, with rocket and red onion.


Our chicken breast bites are 10 chicken bites, made from 100 per cent chicken breast, lightly battered and fried to golden perfection with a slight crunch, perfect for dipping in your favourite sauce.

And we have plenty of sauce…

As well as our classic smoky BBQ sauce, we also offer Sriracha hot sauce and sticky soy sauce.


What is Sriracha? Pronounced si-ra-cha, it is a delicious hot sauce of chilli peppers, tomato, garlic and a touch of vinegar. Named after Si Racha, the eastern Thailand coastal city where it is thought to have originated, try it with our hot wing chicken option – for that extra kick!

Once you have chosen your chicken and selected your sauce, you can pick from our range of side dishes to accompany your meal, from Mexican-style rice, a side salad or chips.

Choose your chicken, sauce and side – three quick and easy decisions for your perfect Wetherspoon Chicken Club meal, which includes a drink from our extensive meal-deal drinks range.

Fancy a lighter bite?

Try our quinoa chicken salad, a whole breast of hand-pulled chicken, served on a salad made up of quinoa, rice, black turtle beans, pink cabbage, grilled yellow pepper, Roquito® pepper, pumpkin seeds, kale, dressing. If ordered with grilled halloumi, instead of chicken, this dish is suitable for vegetarians.