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Buttermilk Chicken

Having wowed diners in the US, it is set to do the same over here

Our food-development team members continue to bring the very best of popular and tasty dishes to our menu for your enjoyment. New this spring, in our main menu ‘burgers & dogs’ section, is a fried buttermilk chicken burger, served with chips. It also includes a drink from our club range. Using buttermilk within recipes, particularly chicken, is becoming more and more prevalent here in the UK, especially within some smaller independent chicken restaurants.


A firm favourite across the pond in the US for some time, the buttermilk secret is now over here – and at your local Wetherspoon. It is little wonder why it is catching on, because dipping and coating the chicken in buttermilk, before frying, helps to tenderise the chicken and keep the meat moist. Here’s the science: the altered texture of the meat occurs when enzymes in the buttermilk break down the cell walls of the chicken, giving a softer, more tender meat.


The natural creamy flavour of the buttermilk also delivers a unique taste to the chicken. The combination of the buttermilk and the flavours and spices used in the marinade of the chicken is perfectly complementary. Our fried buttermilk chicken burger is available throughout the week, from the ‘burgers & dogs’ section on our main menu. It is available either as a burger on its own or substituted into our burger range, instead of beef or grilled chicken. Our fried buttermilk chicken meal is available exclusively on our Wednesday Chicken Club menu, comprising a buttermilk chicken breast, BBQ sauce and coleslaw, served with chips, side salad or rice.


Check out our full Chicken Club menu selection, available every Wednesday at your local Wetherspoon until 11pm. Make a date to enjoy a delicious range of chicken dishes, including peri-peri roast half chicken, peri-peri chicken breast & pepper skewers, peri-peri grilled chicken breast, southern-fried chicken strips and buffalo wings.

See main menu for full terms and conditions.