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Burgers, Burritos and Deli Deals

Our burgers, burritos and deli deals are all served all-day, every day and come with a drink.

Our burgers, burritos and deli deals are served all day, every day and come with a drink.


The J D Wetherspoon 100 percent British beef burger and classic chicken burger are now joined by the buttermilk chicken burger. If you want to add toppings to your burger, why not opt for one from our gourmet range?

Our original gourmet chicken burger with either grilled or fried buttermilk chicken is topped with bacon and Monterey Jack cheese & pepper sauce.
Meanwhile, the Californian marries a chicken breast burger with bacon and avocado in a sunshine-taste combination, whilst in the Texan burger a 100 percent British beef burger is combined with our great tasting chilli con carne and cheese.

Served with salad or chips and onion rings, and washed down with a choice from our extensive meal deal drinks range*, both are great tasting dishes, influenced by America’s west coast.

For more information about our gourmet burgers click here.

Buttermilk chicken burger


The term ‘burrito’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘little donkey’, after a man (Juan Mendez) used one to carry his food cart supplies. The food was wrapped in homemade flour tortillas to keep it warm – and it later became popular as an easy, convenient dish during the Mexican-American war. You can enjoy the dish on Mexican Monday, or all day during the week from our main menu.

Our burrito is a soft flour tortilla stuffed with brown rice, pinto and black beans, bell peppers, red onion, tomato and cheese and served with tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and chilli peppers.

Your burrito can be filled with our five-bean chilli with Quorn, chilli con carne, BBQ pulled pork, shaved rib-eye steak or chicken breast strips and is served with a drink*.

For more information on our burritos, click here.

Burrito with sliced chicken breast

Deli Deals

Our Deli Deal range offers our customers a wide variety of meal options, including jacket potatoes as well as our wraps, baguettes and paninis.
Why not try a BLT baguette (bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise), with added avocado for a little twist? Or our tandoori chicken wrap, with chunks of lightly spiced chicken wrapped up with salad and yoghurt and mint sauce?

For a simple, quick, hot lunch option, our jacket potatoes are available with a selection of toppings, including our ever-popular chilli con carne and the classic favourites of tuna mayonnaise, coleslaw or cheese, as well as BBQ pulled pork or our vegetarian five-bean chilli.

For more on our deli deals, click here.

Jacket potato with tuna